30 September 2008

Please disregards following email alert and DONOT call 1090 number. This number is to support elderly people in crisis.

“1090 is helpline  launched by the State government in 2005 in support of the elderly people in crisis.”
Reference: http://www.deccanherald.com/Content/Oct32008/state2008100293322.asp

“The elders' helpline service handles family disputes , exploitation and desertion, counselling, tracing of missing elders, rehabilitation as well as education on basic personal and financial security, legal advice and police action. Call 1090 Dignity Foundation helpline: 41511307/ 41661076”
Reference: Bangalore no more haven for the elderly - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

“City Police Commissioner R Sekar said that they had not given any instruction to IIT. Director of IITM Prof Ananth said the alert was not issued under any instr uctions from any department. This was information in the public domain that was brought to the attention of students.”
Reference: Exercise undertaken to counter terror - www.expressbuzz.com

Please disregards following Email Alert messages and DONOT call 1090 number. This number is to support elderly people in crisis.

In case you come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a note of the new ALL INDIA TOLL-FREE Terror Help-line "1090". Your city's Police or Anti-Terror squad will take action as quickly as possible.

Remember that this single number 1090 is valid all over India .

This is a toll free number and can be dialed from mobile phones also. Moreover, the identity of the caller will be kept a secret.

Please try to make aware each and every citizen of India about this facility. Please forward this mail to as many people as possible, and tell everyone individually also.

28 September 2008

Lego space station and space shuttle, where space shuttle is in space and attached to space station.

DSC06804DSC06805 DSC06807

Vedic attended Taekwondo class last year in his school. Mr. Raymond Brunkow of Sun State Martial Arts [http://www.ssma.us/] conducted the class. I really admire him for his nature, patience and training he gave. I wish Vedic could continue but could not due to timing & distance.

This bring an opportunity to look for other options and we found one. Thanks to my friend for his recommendation.  Mr. Pete Vargas who is a certified AAU 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo is now training Vedic in Taekwondo.

Following are few photos of Vedic second day:

DSC06822 DSC06823

Sun State Martial Arts [http://www.ssma.us/]

Pro Fitness (Personal Training & Private Gym)
125 Middle Street, Suite # 109
Lake Mary, FL-32746
Phone: 407-687-0886


DSC06811 DSC06814

Open Speed Racer Story Book in full screen.

27 September 2008

These simple rules & tips will help keep your account in good standing.

What can I do to ensure that my account won't be disabled? - https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=23921

Invalid Clicks and Impressions

Disabled Account FAQ - https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=57153

Contact Google only through their online appeal form.

More links

How To Get Banned From Google Adsense In Just few hours

"How to Bring Google AdSense Down" Or "You are Guilty but We will not Tell You Why" and "How to Resurrect Your Google AdSense Account".

Adsense Alternatives When Google Bans Your Account

Is weekend still for fun & Relax? I feel that I work more during weekend then weekdays

Friday Evening

Reach home at 5PM
Keyboard lesson from YouTube (Keyboard Beginners Lesson)
Lawn Moving
Movie at theater – Iron Man
Chat with brother


Vedic Soccer Class
Vedic Tykando Class
Email check
Vedic started writing a chapter book


Tapowan & Temple
Hindi Movie at Home

Method to know Indian Rupees Note Original or Not

The Reserve Bank of India has the sole authority to issue banknotes in India. Reserve Bank of India changes the design of banknotes from time to time.
The Reserve Bank has introduced banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi Series since 1996 and has so far issued notes in the denominations of Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 in this series.

And in Design Reserve Bank of India set some Security Feature on Indian Banknotes, through this feature we can differentiate between original and duplicate notes and can contribute to prevent this duplicity of our Indian Currency currency and make India economy more strong


The Mahatma Gandhi Series of banknotes contain the Mahatma Gandhi watermark with a light and shade effect and multi-directional lines in the watermark window.

Security Thread

Rs.1000 notes introduced in October 2000 contain a readable, windowed security thread alternately visible on the obverse with the inscriptions ‘Bharat’ (in Hindi), ‘1000’ and ‘RBI’, but totally embedded on the reverse. The Rs.500 and Rs.100 notes have a security thread with similar visible features and inscription ‘Bharat’ (in Hindi), and ‘RBI’. When held against the light, the security thread on Rs.1000, Rs.500 and Rs.100 can be seen as one continuous line. The Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs.50 notes contain a readable, fully embedded windowed security thread with the inscription ‘Bharat’ (in Hindi), and ‘RBI’. The security thread appears to the left of the Mahatma's portrait. Notes issued prior to the introduction of the Mahatma Gandhi Series have a plain, non-readable fully embedded security thread.

Latent Image

On the obverse side of Rs.1000, Rs.500, Rs.100, Rs.50 and Rs.20 notes, a vertical band on the right side of the Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait contains a latent image showing the respective denominational value in numeral. The latent image is visible only when the note is held horizontally at eye level.


This feature appears between the vertical band and Mahatma Gandhi portrait. It contains the word ‘RBI’ in Rs.5 and Rs.10. The notes of Rs.20 and above also contain the denominational value of the notes in microletters. This feature can be seen better under a magnifying glass.

Intaglio Printing

The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the Reserve Bank seal, guarantee and promise clause, Ashoka Pillar Emblem on the left, RBI Governor's signature are printed in intaglio i.e. in raised prints, which can be felt by touch, in Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes.

Identification Mark

A special feature in intaglio has been introduced on the left of the watermark window on all notes except Rs.10/- note. This feature is in different shapes for various denominations (Rs. 20-Vertical Rectangle, Rs.50-Square, Rs.100-Triangle, Rs.500-Circle, Rs.1000-Diamond) and helps the visually impaired to identify the denomination.


Number panels of the notes are printed in fluorescent ink. The notes also have optical fibres. Both can be seen when the notes are exposed to ultra-violet lamp.

Optically Variable Ink

This is a new security feature incorporated in the Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes with revised colour scheme introduced in November 2000. The numeral 1000 and 500 on the obverse of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes respectively is printed in optically variable ink viz., a colour-shifting ink. The colour of the numeral 1000/500 appears green when the note is held flat but would change to blue when the note is held at an angle.

See through Register

The small floral design printed both on the front (hollow) and back (filled up) of the note in the middle of the vertical band next to the Watermark has an accurate back to back registration. The design will appear as one floral design when seen against the light.

Legal provisions against counterfeiting

Printing and circulation of forged notes are offences under Sections 489A to 489E of the Indian Penal Code and are punishable in the courts of law by fine or imprisonment or both.

Note - Article Source is Reserve Bank of India

To See Original Indian bank Note Pictures Use http://www.rbi.org.in/currency/Security%20Features.html

26 September 2008

In windows file sharing is easy task but Some time file sharing with windows file sharing service we cant to what ever we want, now we can share files with web technology and pear just use browser and share files and folder will display on his browser window, this will we can do with

HFS - Http File Server

You can use HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and receive files.
It's different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology to be more compatible with today's Internet. It also differs from classic web servers because it's very easy to use and runs "right out-of-the box". Access your remote files, over the network.It has been successfully tested with Wine under Linux.

What is it?

it's file sharing 
it's webserver 
it's open source
it's free
it's guaranteed to contain no malware


  • Download and upload
  • Virtual file system
  • Highly customizable
  • HTML template
  • Bandwidth control
  • Easy/Expert mode
  • Log
  • Full control over connections
  • Accounts
  • Dynamic DNS updater
  • Download this software



    25 September 2008

    First Pictures of Nokia Tube Phone which is a code name for the Nokia Touch Screen Phone (N60 May be)

    First Pictures of Nokia

    First Pictures of Nokia 2 

    Read the first hands on review of the Nokia Tube at Symbian Freak.

    Watch following videos to get an ideas of things to do with young children. Watch these short videos and then do the activities with young children. The activities are inexpensive to do and can be done with items you have around the house! All these activities by Cullen's Abc's.

    Playlist/URL (Permalink): http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=497ED40F4373173B

    There are a lot of recipes available to make Play Dough yourself at home. I am trying to provide a list of recipes I like.

    YouTube Videos on Making Play Dough at home as they are very easy:

    1. Play dough from scratch! - From: SteC0203

    Play dough from scratch! - From: SteC0203

    2. How to make play dough - From: lyly200

    How to make play dough - From: lyly200

    3. Make Playdough – From: cgtlv

    Make Playdough – From: cgtlv

    4. Playdough St. Patrick's Day Green Cullen's Abc's - From: Cullensabcs

    Playdough St. Patrick's Day Green Cullen's Abc's

    5. DIY Non-Toxic Toys: Packaging-Free Fun: by Alexandra Zissu

    This recipe uses following ingredients. As per author if you store it in air tight container then it will last for 6 months or even more.

        * 1 cup flour
        * 1 cup water
        * 1 tablespoon oil
        * 1/4 cup salt
        * 1 tablespoon cream of tartar

    Read complete story at http://www.thedailygreen.com/living-green/blogs/organic-parenting/DIY-playdough-55090801

    24 September 2008

    If you forgot your password on your windows XP, don’t vary I am giving method to change your administrator password without knowing administrator password

    1. Restart you computer
    2. While booting, press F8 and enter in to "Safe Mode"
    3. At the user menus in XP Welcome screen. Click on a user who has administrative privilege and this time system will not ask you for a password
    4. Go to Start>Run and then type CMD .
    5. At command prompt type in >cd C:\Windows\System32,
    6. From hear first backup one file name “logon.scr” example – c:\windows\system32>copy logon.scr logon.bak

    7. Now type c:\windows\system32>copy cmd.exe logon.scr
    8. And after this we will assign new password for our users suppose our user is Administrator and its new password is admin@123
    9. To change password use this command c:\windows\system32>net user administrator admin@123
    10. Now a message will appear for successful completion, this means next time your will login Administrator account with new password is admin@123
    11. Restart the PC and you and try your new password

    VMware Server 2.0 is now available for download to have free virtualization for Linux and Window Servers.

    The new VMware has following new features:

    • support a broader range of guest operating system support.
    • Direct access to virtual machine consoles.
    • Intuitive Web-based management interface.
    • More memory for greater scalability, from 3.6 GB to 8.0 GB of RAM per virtual machine.

    Easily evaluate software in ready-to-run virtual machines without installation or configuration. Also If you need more advanced virtualization functionality, centralized management, or easy migration to VMware Infrastructure, download the FREE VMware hypervisor, ESXi.

    Download Now Learn More


    Want to change the world? We do too. We're looking for big ideas that help as many people as possible, and we're committed to making the best ones happen. Learn more. Learn more.

    When will you be able to buy T-Mobile's G1 phone? How much will it cost? We answer all your questions about the T-Mobile G1 with Google in this FAQ.

    JR Raphael, PC World

    Read it at: http://www.pcworld.com/article/151396/android_gphone_tmobile.html?tk=rss_news

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    T-Mobile has rolled out Google's G1 as the Google makes its biggest move from consumers' computers into their pockets with a device cheaper than rival Apple offers.

    The T-Mobile G1 with Google is the first commercially available phone to run on the 'Android' operating system. The Android is an open-source platform for mobile phones that allows you to create applications for the T-Mobile G1™.

    In 2007, T-Mobile became a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, an initiative that is strongly committed to greater openness in the mobile industry.

    Read complete features at http://www.t-mobileg1.com/g1-learn-features-details.aspx and the video at http://www.t-mobileg1.com/default.aspx

    Google Android Launch Event G1 Phone

    23 September 2008

    Ten leading platforms for creating online communities - Posted by Dion Hinchcliffe on September 4, 2008.


    From: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe/?p=195

    I am facing the following issue in my Visual Studio 2008. When I try to Create new website or new project it shows following error message.

    “No template information found. See the application log in Event Viewer for more details.

    To open Event Viewer, click Start, Click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer.”


    And then it show the new project screen without bunch of things:


    Event log display following warning:

    The global template information is out of date. Regenerate the templates by running 'devenv.exe /installvstemplates' or reinstalling the application.  Note: corrective action requires Administrator privileges.  

    Things to try:

    Run devenv /installvstemplates as suggested in Event Viewer.
    Then Run devenv /resetsettings.

    If this do not help then try to run Visual Studio Repair using program & features (Install/Unstall).

    Temporary Fix: Manually copy the templates

    “My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ItemTemplates”.

    I come across this website - http://www.chrome-explorer.com/. I initially thought it is a Google website for Their Chrome Google Explorer but it is not. If you read the website footer then they have wrote that:

    “This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program, and provides ONLY a link to the software program.
    Copyright 2008 Chrome-Explorer.com All rights reserved.”

    All the links on homepage, including the download link, go to Join page. FAQ section talk about everything accept Google Chrome. Looks like they have bunch of other software that they allow you to download after you Join. I did not sign-up because I was not sure what software they have other then Google Chrome and why would I need them.


    How many browser option we have these days? Many and all of the are quality browser. I use IE7 and Firefox mostly. I like one or the other for different things and I can see the trend in my browsing practice that I am inclining more toward the Firefox. I mean using more Firefox in my daily internet browsing. But certainly IE (which includes IE6 & IE7) still holds the major market share. I can see that in our websites statistics.

    The next generation browsers available are IE 8, Firefox 3.1, Google Chrome and Safari. All are trying hard to become the best.

    Current Status of the next generation browsers release:

    IE 8 – BETA 2 released on August 27, 2008

    Firefox 3.1 – ALFA 2 Released on September 5, 2008. Read the Firefox 3.1 feature list (Draft)..

    Chrome – BETA released on September 2, 2008

    Safari  - Safari 3.1.2 Released

    21 September 2008

    CrowdVine was founded in 2007. CrowdVine has a simple and powerful social software to help people connect. CrowdVine aimed is to make it easier for people to meet. The list of available features are - http://www.crowdvine.com/home/features


    CrowdVine for Conferences

    • Create a community around your conference.
    • Help attendees meet easily.
    • Amplify the networking value of your event.


    CrowdVine for Groups

    • Create a simple social network for your organization, alumni group, or friends.
    • Help members connect.
    • Provide an easy way for them to stay in touch.


    Now in its third year, Web 2.0 Expo is for the builders of the next generation web: designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, business strategists, and venture capitalists. Web 2.0 Expo, co-produced by TechWeb and O'Reilly Media, is a conference and tradeshow for the rapidly growing ranks of designers and developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, and business strategists who are embracing the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies.

    Main area of discussions are:

    • The hot new thing
    • Failures to learn from
    • Innovations and inspirations
    • Successes that will surprise you, and
    • Practical applications of all of the above.


    The Web 2.0 Expo New York is just finished. More details are available at: http://en.oreilly.com/webexny2008/public/content/home


    Check out the highlights:

  • Keynote Videos

  • Speaker Presentation Files

  • Photos

  • Web 2.0 Expo Blog

  • News and Coverage

  • Follow on Twitter

  • Become of Fan on

  • Facebook

  • Stay Connected


    Social Network: CrowdVineSocial Network: CrowdVine


    Facebook GroupFacebook Group

    Attending? Add to DopplrAttending? Add to Dopplr

    Web 2.0 Expo RSS FeedWeb 2.0 Expo RSS Feed

    Tag with del.icio.usTag with del.icio.us

    Sign Up for the NewsletterSign Up for the Newsletter

    The Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco will be during March 31 - April 3 2009 in San Francisco California. General registration will open in December 2008. More details are available at http://en.oreilly.com/webexsf2009/public/content/home


    Windows Live team released Beta of the "Wave 3" application stack. This includes BETA of these applications: Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer Along with Family Safety and Windows Live Toolbar.

    No release date has been set for the release of final versions.

    Following are the download links: http://download.live.com/

  • Mail beta

  • Messenger beta

  • Photo Gallery beta

  • Movie Maker beta

  • Writer beta

  • Toolbar beta

  • Family Safety beta

  • Microsoft Office Outlook® Connector beta
  • I really like http://www.vaita.com/odir.asp. Light weight and does his job. Its Free, Fast and easy tool for removing duplicate items from Outlook folders










    Following are other tools available for free. Has lot more features but I have not tried them.



    Amyuni PDF Suite allows you to export any document into XAML for integration with Silverlight.

    ALDI is a discount grocery chain carries mostly private label brands that are sold only in ALDI stores. that having about 900 stores in 28 states. They sales everyday items at the lower prices. See a map of store location to find the ALDI store nearest you.

    On occasion they sales a national brand also as a “special purchases”—limited-time offers of products and are only available while supplies last.

    Grand Opening of stores in Florida - http://www.shopsmartflorida.com/

    ALDI US website - http://www.aldi.us/

    Tell-a-Friend is free and simple to use widget from Socialtwist, just copy and paste. No integration or coding.

    Tell-a-Friend widget help Users share content across IM and Email without leaving the site. It synchs with their IM, email in the context of the content they're sharing without those tedious pop-up forms that require manual input. Tell-a-Friend widget is one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tool in existence. 


    Tell-a-Friend widget is completely free and hosted by Amazon EC2, so you know it's scalable. For corporate users a paid service is available with additional options like Widget UI skin matching your site, Custom context wiring and Activity database at your control.

    Tell-a-Friend widget can be used at Product Pages to replaces the traditional "Email a friend" link to spread the word on products/brands/sites. Search Results, News Items, Blog Posts - word-of-mouth is the best way to direct traffic to your blogs, Get the word out - make time sensitive announcements contests, events and offers to spread the word instantly.

    Video Tour:

    Installation Instructions: http://tellafriend.socialtwist.com/wizard/html/instructions/blogger.html