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Advanced Diary

Do you need an easy to use and powerful private digital diary for your daily records? Advanced Diary is the perfect choice. Third, there are two available navigation types - Calendar (show by date) and Document Tree (show by file). A user can access diary entries by simply jumping to a certain date or by clicking the diary entries in the Document Tree. Advanced Diary is a fully portable program. You can install it on a tiny little portable USB jump or thumb drive and carry it so that you can write wherever you happen to be, for instance on your lunch break at work. This is an especially nice feature, because one can hide the wee small drive from prying eyes much more easily! Feature • Intuitive, user-friendly interface. • Fully portable program. You can install Advanced Diary on any removable storage device and then use it on any computer. • Advanced Diary supports various interface types and color schemes. • Fully customizable view. • Multilanguage support. • Flexible tree-like d