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Dotnetnuke 4.9 or 4.9.1 Friendly URL

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from to] The magic is if you rename any duplicate page/tab name in same portal same level and add this attribut urlFormat = " HumanFriendly " in the following web.config entry then webiste URLs will be all automaticaly change to friendly URL.    <friendlyUrl defaultProvider="DNNFriendlyUrl"> <providers> <clear /> <add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.DNNFriendlyUrlProvider, DotNetNuke.HttpModules" includePageName="true" regexMatch="[^a-zA-Z0-9 _-]" urlFormat="HumanFriendly" /> </providers> </friendlyUrl>

Tax savings under stimulus

Lower and middle-income tax filers will get the biggest breaks under the economic recovery package. Here's what the savings could add up to based on the bills before Congress. All provisions could still change. Status Income Tax savings Single, no kids $30K $500 Married, 2 kids $30K $1,390 Single, no kids $50K $500 Married, 2 kids $50K $1,000 Single, no kids $76K $500 Married, 2 kids $76K $1,000 Single, no kids $100K None Married, 2 kids $100K $2,700* Single, no kids $500K None Married, 2 kids $500K None *Savings under House version $1,000 Thanks Pankaj.

RSS News Feeds And XML-XSL Dotnetnuke Module

<trust level="Full" originUrl=""/>I faced error while setting up the RSS feed in the Dotnetnuke's News Feeds RSS Module. It display following error: Could Not Connect To [[URL]]. You Should Verify The Source Address Is Valid And That Your Hosting Provider Has Configured Their Proxy Server Settings Correctly. After researching in various forum, I figured that News Feeds RSS Module requires trust level either HIGH or FULL. It does not works well with medium trust level. So it requires a change in the web.config file as bellow. <trust level=" Medium " originUrl=".*" /> TO <trust level=" High " originUrl=""/> OR <trust level=" Full " originUrl=""/> I decided not to change this setting and use another module that comes with Dotnetnuke. I used the XML/XSL module to resolve this issue. It gives the same result. Yes I had to copy the XSL file from the News Feeds RSS mod

007 Kids - Kids on Spy Mission

I guess both of them are good guys and working together on a Spy mission. Sideshow:  

If You Let Kid Pack their Bag

It was one of those funny moments. I ask Vedic to pack his bag for a vacation we are planning. He packed bag with his toys and one or two dresses.

Space Shuttle Launch Center - Lego Blocks Ideas

Vedic, Yash, Yashvi, Adam & Zainab made this Space Shuttle Launch station/center. They were making it like Kennedy Space Center, FL. PS: Adam & Zainab are missing in this photo. As of now, we are not allowed to use this table anymore until he finish playing with it. 

How to Find Hotel Deals

My friends suggested following two web sites to search for hotels & hotel deals. You can also find coupon from highway rest area. Thanks D & A for your help. Anyone have suggestion then please respond by adding comments to this post.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1 Released

I able to download it from from MSDN & also got the key. What I heard from others is: It is faster then Vista. Specially the boot time & shutdown time Look is much like Linux. This was surprising but Microsoft hired many Linux developer in past so it make sense. – Thanks John M for sharing this info. As Microsoft extended the support for Windows XP, looks like they are trying to release Windows 7 before Windows XP support expires.

Virus Alert - - Beware of Hackers And Virus

This is an advice to my friends that please avoid using website & any songs downloaded from this website. This advice is based on following news on the Hindustan times, this site is currently used by hackers to hack data from targeted computers. Also would like to mention that I have been using this site here & there for few years and I personally did not face any issue. Please read full news story at: Pak hackers plan attack on Indian cyber networks . More references:$All/A05406AFC5F35C716525753600180033?OpenDocument