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School First Day – Vedic Introduction And A Man

This was an activity Vedic did for his first day of the 2nd grade. This activity was assigned by the school teacher to all the kids in which they have to cut and decorate the man and write few lines about them self. “I like to play with Legos most. Mostly all play time I play with the legos. After one week I do Bee Star. Every day for study I do facterters and fact famileys. One week I went to my freands house. my mom works at Macys and my dad works at collgc.” While typing I realized that he wrote my dad work at collgc. I kept it as it is including his spelling mistake.

Watermelon Day Story – School Activity

Vedic wrote this Watermelon Day Story in the school. Apparently there is a watermelon day that at least I was not aware of.    Nicely separated beginning, middle & end section.

Big Spaceship using Lego Blocks

Vedic & Yash built this big Spaceship using Lego Blocks

PostRank Analytics – Add Social Network Statistics With Google Analytics

PostRank Analytics allow you to view and track your visitor statistics accross your website and on various social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, delicus etc. As per their research, 80% of discussion about your website & blog happen on other social network websites and not on your own websites. PostRank Analytics   integrate your existing Google Analytics account with PostRank and also track visitors activity on other social networking website. For example it shows how many people bookmarked your your website and blog post, how many post in Twitter & Facebook.    Read more details at their PostRank Analytics Website or at their PostRank Blog .

Google Small Business Toolkit

Google has created a website Google Small Business Toolkit that has a page with links to all their website links that are helpful for small business. It includes following websites: Google's Local Business Center Google Apps AdWords Google Analytics , Website Optimizer , Webmaster Tools Business Solutions & Business Channel

Place Pages for Google Maps - Add your business

Place Pages for Google Maps is a great resource for small business. It is free listing of Google online yellow pages. It helps you to promote your business for free and to reach your prospective customers. It also provide you reports on how many customer view your page (business listing), where they came from etc. Google enhance the business listing by introducing Place Pages which provide a detail view of the business, business information, photos & videos of the business etc. When a user search in google map, google will show your business listing (if matches search criteria) and then user can click on more info to view the detail entire page of rich details, like photos, videos, a Street View preview, nearby transit, reviews and related websites. Everyone should register their business in Google Local Business Center

Google Chrome Frame - Open Source Plug-In For IE 6 7 8

Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in for IE6, IE7 and IE8. This is an early-stage release, intended for developers and testing. Explorer 6, 7, or 8. It enable new web technology in Internet Explorer. Read more information at -

Social Media Policies by Various Companies

Social Media Governance has compiled a list of social media policies by various companies at . They also have categories the social media policies by healthcare companies that includes social media policies of following healthcare companies  Cleveland Clinic   Social Media Policy Mayo Clinic   For Mayo Clinic Employees Sentara   Social Media Policy Adventist Health System is also has building their social media policies and is under final reviews. As a health care organization it is very important of us to make sure no one is sharing things in his/her Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blos etc that is not appropriate.   Related web links: Online Database of Social Media Policies Social Media Policies from 80+ Organizations Should Your Company Have a Social Media Policy? 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don’ts of Sharing

HOW TO: Make Facebook Your Company Newsroom

This is a very good article by Josh - HOW TO: Make Facebook Your Company Newsroom. As I normally tells that you can use social media and social websites to greatly enhance your web presence at no extra cost. Just be cautions of side effects be open for positive criticism.

Special Day!

Yesterday I woke up and went to school.I got a happy face. then I went  home and played .I did not know that we were going to watch the movie Star Trek but my dad told me that some of my best friends came with me. There names were Adam, Yash  and Yashvi .we liked the movie !  The best part in the movie was the ending . then we ate pizza and went home. I wish that will happen again tomorrow.The end   Written By Vedic Sharma

Laksha Blog Redesigned

I have Redesigned Laksha Blog with the help of a new template plantilla-blogy-o2 which is shared by . Take a look and let me know what you think. Recently we did the same with Yashvi’s blog - .

Another Ticket - She Did It Again

She did it again with another traffic ticket. This time by not stopping before the white line at a Stop sign.

My Grandparents – Grand Parents Day Essay Competition Winner

Vedic won the Grand Parents Day Essay Competition at HSCF New Age Sr. Group function. There were 27 participants in his category (Elementary School Category) and he won 1st price.Full list of winners are available at . Video of Vedic reading his essay after winning: My Grandparents – Grand Parents Day Essay Competition Winner from Laksha on Vimeo . Below is the script of his Essay: My Grandparents I have three grandparents, my “dada ji, dadi ji and nani ji”. My grandparents live in India. Sometime I go to India and stay with them. My dada ji is a homeopathic doctor. Whenever I get sick he gives me sweet medicine. I love my dada ji because my dada ji take me out for a walk and always play with me. And whenever we go for a walk my dada ji tells me stories. My grand ma takes me to temple. She even played with me and made food for me. My nani ji sing “Bhajans” everyday. She play with me and take me

PowerDNN Website Was Down For 2 Hours?

Looks like they were upgrading their website and that’s why it was down and not due to technical difficulties with their servers. I really liked the features and reviews over internet and I would continue recommending PowerDNN & 3Essentials to my client and will leave up to them to chose one. UPDATE: 12:00 PM: Response from Tony V., who is Chief Technology Officer (PowerDNN)  We actually knew about that issue with our website.  The reason it was down was we were pushing a new version of our website live.  Normally we do this late at night, but because of the long weekend, we figured that nobody else would notice.  Obviously we were wrong.  :D UPDATE: As of 9:00AM the PowerDNN website is running fine. Overview page now look like below screen shot.

Gmail And Google Apps Email are down

Gmail (Google mail) and Google Apps Emails are down since last 30 min. This happen second time in recent months. Users can still access your email using iGoogle, IMAP or POP. AS of 5:15PM, Gmail is back now.   Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds.