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I am planning to put some hours in enhancing the in coming weeks to include some online services. It will have a directory listing for Indian stores, Indian restaurants and other business running by Indians. It will also have customs pages for some businesses. Deal sharing is something we always do and many web sites supports that using online forums. Now what about having a WIKI kind of functionality where people can update the main deal page of the website rather then discussing and finding in forum. All this and more so stay tune...

Which Windows Vista Beta is right for me?

If you have questions about which build of Windows Vista and .NET 3.0 development tools is right for you, please visit Tom Archer's blog where Tom discusses the differences. Summary is as bellow Operating System .NET 3.0 Runtime Components Windows SDK "Orcas" Tools for .NET 3.0 WF Extensions to Visual Studio Vista - July CTP (5472.5) July CTP (4306 - installed by O/S) July CTP (5472.2.1) None ( See July CTP Notes ) Release Candidate 4 Vista - June CTP (5456) June CTP (4131.06 installed by O/S) June CTP (5456.3) June CTP Release Candidate 2 Vista - Beta 2 (5384.4) Beta 2 (installed by O/S) Beta 2 (5383.1.1) Beta 2 Beta 2.2 XP (SP2) or Win2K3 July CTP (4307) July CTP (5472.2.1) None ( See July CTP Notes ) Release Candidate 4 XP (SP2) or Win2K3 June CTP (4131.06) June CTP (5456.3) June CTP Release Candidate 2 XP (SP2) or Win2K3 Beta 2 Beta 2 (5383.1.1) Beta 2 Beta 2.2

wikimapia is cool and you can locate you house and places you know and add title & comment with those address. Like my house in Indore can be seen at (see 42 Ahilya Nager Ext. Also as bellow. <iframe src= y=22683148&x=75833484&z=18&l=0&m=a width=250 height=250 frameborder=0></iframe> Also which has following projects [ ] 1 Wikipedia 2 Wiktionary 3 Wikiquote 4 Wikibooks 5 Wikisource 6 Wikispecies 7 Wikimedia Commons 8 Wikinews 9 Related projects 9.1 MediaWiki 9.2 Meta

Cameras I like

Sony Cybershot DSCP200 7.2MP Digital Camera 3x Optical Zoom Sony Cybershot DSCT9 7MP Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSCT5 5.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot S-600 6MP with 3x Optical Zoom Canon Powershot A620 7MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom Canon Powershot SD550 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (this series also has SD400, SD450 & SD500) Best reviews Deals at