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Do It Yourself - Simple Website, Blog & Graphics Related Tasks- Summary of Blog Post

Howto Use Live Writer to Edit Dotnetnuke Pages (HTML Modules) Using metaPost Module

If you have not yet download & installed Live Writer & metaPost then please follow the steps in - Live Writer & metaPost For Dotnetnuke - How to Download, Install & Configure. You will need edit permission on the  one or more HTML module in the website. is the frendly name of the HTML module. If you are using Dotnetnuke version older then 5.1 then you should use key=text/html.sid=659 is the module id of one of the HTML module in the website where you have edit permission.You can find the module id while you in the edit mode or in the setting of the HTML module. Next Laksha Website - HTML ModulesFrom Live Writer Menu select File –> Open. It will display a dialog box where you can select “Open From” your draft, recent post or from blog & websi…

Live Writer & metaPost For Dotnetnuke - How to Download, Install & Configure

What is Live Writer & metaPost
Windows Live Writer is a powerful tool to create, edit the blog post. Live Writer does not have inbuilt ability to post on a Dotnetnuke based website (as of Nov 28, 2009). There are several paid plug-ins available for the Live Writer that allow you to integrated it with a Dotnetnuke based website and Dotnetnuke modules. The one that I used and liked is metaPost Community Edition. metaPost allow you to edit several Dotnetnuke modules like blog, Html, Announcement. It also allow you to post & edit your articles on Ventrian News Articles module in Dotnetnuke.You will need host account to be able to install the metaPost Community Edition in your website. If you do not have host account then please contact your administrator to install this module. Download Links
Windows Like Writer – Install steps ate very simple just like any other Microsoft product.metaPost Community Edition – Download metaPost Community Edition f…

DNN (DotNetNuke) 05.02.00 Released - Highlights of Major Changes

DotNetNuke Community Edition Version 05.02.00 is now released. The complete details for all of the changes can be found in the ChangeLog. Major HighlightsAdded Module Information to the Help page Added ability to view and edit the source files for a module Enhanced the module creation wizard to simplify creating new module definitions Added the ability to automatically create a test page as a step in the module creation wizard Added a core API to support content localization Added the ability to import/export page and module settings Added the ability to immediately run a scheduled task Added module caching provider API Converted existing module caching feature to use new provider Added page output caching provider API Fixed issue where upgraded sites do not properly set the default Language Fixed issue where scheduler could execute a a long-running task multiple times Fixed issue where improperly formatted email addresses could result in error when sending system emails Fixed issue w…

Howto Use Kuler To Generate Color Themes for Your Website

What Is Kuler:Kuler is a website by Adobe to help anyone generating color themes. I will not say that using Kuler you could match the expertise of a graphics designer in any ways. But using Kuler you can get a decent idea on color palettes, different color schemes and overall color themes for a selected color. You get basic ideas of which color can go with your website logo color or website main color.Purpose of this post is just to give you a jump start without talking too much technical details and all the possibilities Kuler have. There are few great tutorials available if you want to learn more to get full advantage of Kuler. I added further reading links at the end of this post. Please feel free to add other useful links by commenting to this blog post. HOW TO – Basic Steps:Following are easy steps on how to you can use Kuler to find color theme and color pallet for your website. 1. Open Kuler website Select “Create” –> “From a Color”3. Enter a color …

Howto Run Your HTML Static Website Locally In IIS On Windows PC

WHAT & WHY:As a developer many time you may wish if you could run your static HTML website locally on your computer (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008).Although with Static website, you could easily download and double click the index.html or home.html file to open and run other pages. But this will not give you the real world senario. For example you will not able to use a path like /images/home-page-banner.jpg. You will have to use a relative paths like ../images/home-page-banner.jpg.Following are very easy steps to do so. These steps are for Static HTML website. I will also post steps for more advance websites that uses ASP, ASP.NET, Dotnetnuke etc and uses database server. WHAT YOU NEED:1. IIS Server installed on your local machine2. FTP username, password to download files form your FTP server3. Administrative rights on local machine. Many task will display messages requesting Administrative privilege to run the task.  STEPS: 1. Download files form Web Server…

Goggles Day In School And Vedic

During the Red Ribbon week in school, one day was Goggles day. I took a photograph and thought would be interesting to share. Goggles in School, I never did that in whole my school days :)

Jolicloud - Another New OS for Netbook

Jolicloud is new OS (currently in pre-alpha stage) for Netbook. You can install programs & software on this OS as oppose to Google Chrome OS. It can run Linus, AIR& Windows applications.Jolicloud is available by invitation only. You can request your invitation at - per Jolicloud Jolicloud is very easy to install on your netbook and it boots pretty fast. WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G modems work out of the box on a growing list of supported hardware. Your personal homebase contains all your settings, applications and social features. Switching to another computer and setting up the same configuration has never been easier!Supported Device – Initial List

How to use Windows Live Writer to Post to Your Blog – blogger, Wordpress

Live Writer is a great tool to create, edit the blog post. Once you will start using it you will never go to blogger or wordpress website and type blog post. It works with most of the blog service like Windows Live, Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad etc.Why I love Windows Live Writer:The thing that I like most is the easiness of inserting images or video. I can click CTL+PrtScn to take screenshot of a Window and past it in Windows Live Writer.Another thing I like about Windows Live Writer that I can draft a blog post and finish it later when have more time to think & write. Also I can write blog post without internet & post when have internet connection.STEPS: 1. Download  & Install Windows Live Writer from Microsoft Website - Open Windows Live Writer  - Start –> All Programs –> Windows Live –> Windows Live Writer3. From menu open Blogs –> Add blog account…4. Select Other blog service5. Enter following details on “Add a …