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Vedic and Soham – Some Photos

Once again awesome watching them playing & interacting with each other. They have developed a good understanding.

My ABCD – Educational Program For Kids

MyABCD is a great software program for kids and includes the alphabet, numbers, games, original music, sound effects and animation. Vedic played it for long time and now Soham liked it too. Within 30 min he was comfortable with mouse and able to finish train puzzle by his own. For more information – MyABCD is an animated, educational, children's program which includes the alphabet, numbers up to twenty, twelve simple games and ten musical instruments. It has original music, sound effects and animation which children will learn from and enjoy.

India Trip 2009

Day 2 – An evening in Lajpat Nager, New Delhi Lajpat Nager bridge, the big bridge has been completed. We spent 30-40 min to find non-full parking. People managing those parking lots have better capabilities of arranging cars then me arranging toy cars. BTW, Gol gappe are 15 Rs per plate, Papadi chat is now 25 Rs. Macdonald was fully occupied selling softy for 25 Rs, French fries for 45 Rs and meal for one for 118 Rs. Day 1 – The Travel Day Start of the travel could not be better as R&D both came to drop us at the airport. Such a great blessing to have them as our friend.  Is it just me or other feel the same that the air hostage in TV commercial and the air hostage in a real plan are two all together different entities? Both look wise and behavioral wise. One of the air hostage even shown some rudeness on a passenger who spill water in a 98% Indian passenger AA flight.   2% may be the staff members. Vedic started writing a journal book – Trip to India. Will post