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Twitter List Beta - Organize And Follow Group Of Peoples - Yes Follow This List Possible

Twitter just released a new feature "Twitter List Beta". You can create public or private list to organize people you follow. In the list you can add people you already following as well as people you are not yet following. The best part, you can view other people's public list and follow their list.So now will have options to "Follow" people as well as "Follow This List". Twitter define list feature as: Lists are timelines you build yourself, consisting of friends, family, co-workers, sports teams, you name it. But Shhh.. only a small group of people are receiving this feature so keep it quite... If Twitter selected you among that small group then you will see this announcement at the top of the twitter page similar to a screen shot above. You can view & start following twitter team list at

Watching The Moon

Photographs of Vedic watching moon using a telescope gifted by Richard .   

Internet 5 Years From Now - Eric Schmidt – Google CEO - interviewed at Gartner Symposium ITxpo Orlando 2009

interviewed of Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009. He talk bout Internet 5 year from now.   Direct link to Video -

Windows 7 – Download Progress Display In Taskbar

In Windows 7, there is a new feature which shows the download progress in the taskbar. This happen when you minimize your download window. Thanks Richard for sharing.

Dotnetnuke 05.02.00 – Installation Steps With Screenshot

Download the Dotnetnuke 05.02.00 CE Beta from Dotnetnuke website. You can either download Install or Source version. For this article I used Dotnetnuke 05.02.100 CE Beta source code version. You can download the Dotnetnuke 5.2.0 from the Beta Testing page on They currently have Dotnetnuke 05.02.100 Beta available for download. Extract the Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta zip file in a folder. Then open the folder and rename the release.config file to web.config file. Now open your host file which is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Add a local DNS entry as shown below. Save and close the file. Note: in place of you can use anything like etc. PS: Screen shots are distorted due to repost using Live Writter. I had to repost as I made a mistake in title (I wrote DNN 5.1.0) and blogger does not allow changhing URL once you post. So I had to delete and recreate a new post. Now open IIS manager and create a new website.

Facebook Developers Kit V 2 1 – Learn Building Facebook Apps With Samples

Now a days Facebook is not just a teen hangout place. It has become a business community where business started networking with other business & their customers. More & more business are now opening their Facebook profile pages. To support these business need, their is a huge need for custom Facebook apps that can help business to perform their task quickly and effectively. If you are a software vendor or a hobbyist then you may want to explore Facebook apps. You will find that building a small Facebook apps is very easy. Microsoft has also developed a Facebook Developers kits and quick start guide that will give you a jump start. Below are some reference links to get started.     Facebook Developers Kit – Introduction Facebook Developer Toolkit - Version 2.1 Getting Started with the Facebook Developer Toolkit Also check our previous Article Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0 – Open Source If you know more reference links then please share them using the comment sec

Windows Azure platform – Cloud Computing

Today I got the SQL Azure October CTP invitation code. This invitation email encourage me enough to explore & share all about Microsoft Azure & Windows Azure Platform.   Relation Between Azure & Cloud Lets start with the naming. The common term of these technology is Cloud Computing, Could Application, Cloud Platform, Cloud client etc. Every company is doing it one way or the other and have branded their product lines with different names. Microsoft named their Cloud computing product lines as Azure.   Windows Azure platform The Windows Azure platform is name for the whole bundle. The Windows Azure platform is comprised of following. Together it will provide a powerful platform for developing the web applications and services. 1. Windows Azure : an operating system as a service 2. SQL Azure : a fully relational database in the cloud and 3. .NET Services : consumable web-based services that provide both secure connectivity and federated access control f

How To sign up For SQL Azure Database – Step By Step

Today I got the SQL Azure October CTP invitation code. So I sign up for the SQL Azure and created my database server and 1 database. I am allowed to create 1 SQL server and 5 databases. If you are interested in evaluating and want to receive the CTP invite then you can fill up the following form and Microsoft will send you invites soon.   What is SQL Azure Microsoft SQL Azure Database is a cloud-based relational database service that is built on SQL Server technologies and runs in Microsoft data centers on hardware that is owned, hosted, and maintained by Microsoft. More details: SQL Azure Overview   Step By Step Sign up Process 1. Open 2. Sign in with a valid Windows LiveID 3. Enter your invitation code that you will receive in email 4. Read & accept the terms  of use   5. Create your SQL Azure Server. To create your se

Honorable President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Visit To HSCF Temple – Vision 2020

Me, Vedic and 100s of other people in Orlando got a chance to see Honorable President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam during his visit to HSCF Temple in casselberry, Florida . He gave an inspiring speech targeted to the youth audience. The topic of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam speech was “What can I give”. We were sitting in 4rd row and were able to watch him from close. He will also visit Tapowan on Sunday 25 Oct  to address kids who learn philosophy and Indian languages including Hindi, Sanskrit, Guajarati, Marathi, Tamil etc in Tapowan. Below is the video of the (part) of the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam speech. As I said, the topic for his speech was "What can I give".  PS: The video quality is not good due to my hand movement but you can listen the whole speech. Later I will also upload video for question answer session.     Direct Link: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Visit To HSCF Temple Casselbary florida from Laksha on Vimeo . “What can I give”. Below is the transcript of few par

All About Vedic – All About Me – Student Of The Week Activity

Vedic class has student of the week program where teacher pick one student each week. Teacher put many popsicle sticks in a pot and pick one stick each week. Every popsicle stick has one student name. This week it was Vedic’s turn to become student of the week. As part of this he has to fill up “All About Me” sheet. I though it will be interesting to put it on blog as he wrote some interesting answers.

Indian Sony Channel on Bright House Network Starting Nov 17 2009

Starting Nov 19th, 2009 Sony Channel from India will be available on Bright House Network (Orlando, Florida) for an extra cost of $14.99. This will be first time Bright House will have any Indian Channel in Orlando, Florida. Bright House recently released a India telephone package in which you can pay approx $25 + taxes and make unlimited calls to US, UK, India and few other countries. Thanks Pankaj for sharing this news. Update: Adding channel lineup image from Bright House Tampa website (   Click to enlarge this photo.

SQL Azure October CTP Invitation

I just got the invite for the SQL Azure October CTP with invitation code. I am allowed to create one SQL server and 5 databases. I will post more details with screenshots later today. Invitation: Welcome to the SQL Azure October CTP!  We are excited to have you join us.  Below are some steps to get you started, as well as links to helpful resources. If you are interested in receiving the CTP invite then you can fill up the following form and Microsoft will send you invites soon.   FAQ from the invitation email: Q: What are my restrictions, if any, for this CTP? A: The CTP will limit you to 1 SQL Azure server and 5 databases Q: What happens to my database when SQL Azure officially releases? A: Your database will automatically roll over into the production service once SQL Azure reaches commercial availability. Q: I have a database in the old CTP1 SQL Azu

Compare Windows 7 Editions – Which One Is Right For You

Windows 7 is available in six different editions but only Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate will be widely available at retail. Many people must be asking this question to them self that which edition is good for them.   My personal recommendation My personal recommendation is Windows Premium or Windows Ultimate. There is only $20 difference between Professional and Ultimate so if you planning to buy Professional then buy Ultimate. The biggest change Microsoft has made with Windows 7 is that they have added Media Center features with Windows 7 Home Premium. Which means you don’t need to spend lot of money just to be able to use media center. So for most of the people Windows 7 Home Premium will be the sufficient. Which edition I am using? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and Windows 7 Enterprise 32 Bit. I am also using VMWare Workstation 6.5 to run my Windows XP application. Following are collection of information from multiple sources that may help you decide which