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How to install VMware Tools in Ubuntu

If you want to install VMware tool in Ubuntu Linux you have to follow fowling steps 1. first install the Compiler utility by this command viru@viru-VM:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential Note - This command installs gcc and all the compiler utility in to the Ubuntu by default these compiler utility not installed in Ubuntu Linux 2. Now install header files for currently running Linux kernel in your computerviru@viru-VM:~$sudo apt-get install Linux-headers-`uname -r`3. Now you can install VMware tool to this navigate VM-Install VMware tool4. After this follow these command and enjoy VMware tool featureviru@viru-VM:~$sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdromviru@viru-VM:~$cp /media/cdrom/VMware*.tar.gz /tmpviru@viru-VM:~$sudo umount /media/cdromviru@viru-VM:~$cd /tmpviru@viru-VM:~$tar xzvf VMware*.gzviru@viru-VM:~$cd vmware-tools-distrib/viru@viru-VM:~$sudo ./vmware-install.pllast command will begin the VMware tool installation process and the installation scripts prompts for answers, just …