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500 million Firefox downloads & Extend Firefox 3 Contest

The Mozilla community is celebrating 500 million Firefox downloads. Visit the project page to support. They also have a "Extend Firefox 3 Contest" which is a developer contest to encourage development and innovation in Web experience through Add-ons to Firefox 3. Please visit the Extend Firefox 3 Web site for more details.

Microsoft Analytics & JavaScrip Error

Microsoft released their version of website analytics application. It is currently in Beta phase and have some issues but it is worth to try and explore it. Currently it is by invitation only and you can request for an invitation at Microsoft Adcenter website. Microsoft bought DeepMetrix in 2006 and used that as a base for this new application. The issue I state above is related to IE6. When you add Microsoft Analytics code in you website then you may not able to access the website using IE6. It will show following alert message: "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site, IE cant open the website < > and operation aborted." Interesting point to note is you can see the website already loaded but as soon as you click OK on the alert message website disappeared and page cannot be displayed page will display. I know this issue also cause by several other reason but if you have made only one change in your website that you added Microsoft Analytics then easy remedy i