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Enabling ASP.NET Debugging - A Step by Step guide

I originaly posted this article at GeoCities - Table of Content Document Control Error! Bookmark not defined. Amendment History . Error! Bookmark not defined. 1. Introduction . 4 2. User Guide on the enabling the ASP.NET debugging . 4 Checking the configuration setting of the machine, users and the project 4 Debugging your application by Manually Attaching . 8 Appendix - General information and solution for some common errors . 8 1. Introduction Debugging is a very powerful option for the developers and it helps the developers in finding and analyzing the defects and other issues with the code. NOTE: Enabling debug mode will greatly affect the performance of your ASP.NET application. Remember to disable debug mode before you deploy a release application or conduct performance measurements. Proper configuration settings of the machine, users and the project are required

Entry for September 28, 2005

It was tough to leave Patni because of the emotional attachment I had with the company I worked for 2.5 years. But life goes like this. I have started working for my new company in Orlando which is the Software Div of Florida Hospitals. I am thankful to all of my friends who kept me motivated to achieve all my success. Special thanks to Mr. Anurag Bhargava who forced me to believe that I can leave Patni...:), to the Raj who guide me how to do that in a matured way and to my wife for her efforts and taking care of all my email conversation with the consultants . Comments - Migrated from Yahoo 360, where I had my blog. (5 total) Post a Comment Anu Offline dada I didnt forced u but I was disappointed (every month two times when u get ur pay slip).... no hard feeling PATNI ... dada I am happy for u and those 22$ first pay cheque is mine and will be most valuable $22 for me .... Wednesday September 28, 2005 - 04:01pm (EDT) Remo