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Dotnetnuke Hosting Providers

I created this post based on my hunt for a good hosting company. Please feel free to correct me if I stated something wrong. Also please suggest any other better hosting company if I missed one. All the price & cost details are as of 04/29/2009. My Asp - Plan cost: $1-free hosting, $8.99-ASP hosting, $14.99-dotnetnuke hosting, all plans for 1 domain. Multi domain dotnetnuke hosting cost: $24.27-3 domains 3 Essentials - Plan cost: $9.95-ASP hosting (with 12 month plan), 2 domain, MSSQL - 1*300MB, 6 Months Free, Secure SQL Server 2005 Management Studio . Discount ASP - $10 hosting, $10 MSSQL, one root domain, unlimited sub domains Asp Host Central - Plan cost: 7.99-dotnetnuke plan, 2 websites, 1 MSSQL, 11.99-business plan, 3 websites, 2 MSSQL iHostASP - http://www.

Majestic-12 : Projects : C# HTML parser (.NET)

Free .NET HTML parser (C#) is an open source high-performance .NET C# module that was created to parse HTML for links, indexing and other purposes. Full source code (~5k lines) is available under BSD license (this means you can use it in your commercial applications). This cross-platform code is verified to run very well under Mono . The parser is 100% self-contained managed code that does not depend on any external DLLs apart from core .NET libraries. We use this parser to process well over 3 TB of HTML every day.

India to host 2011 World Cup final

India Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will host The Cricket world cup 2011 together. India will host 29 of 49 matches. India will also host Cricket world cup 2011 final & semi final. Sri Lanka will host 12 while Bangladesh will host 8. Bangladesh will also host the opening ceremony on February 18, 2011.

RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 New Version

Redhat recently introduce the RHEL 5.3 with the new enhance capability, like improve vitalization encrypted file system and much more improvement Read full story from hear

Auto logon in Vista

Specially on home machines it is annoying to enter username, password on every restart. To avoid this in Vista, click at Start and type “netplwiz” in the search box.  User Account window will open. Uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”.  Then click apply.  Enter the username & password of the account you want to auto logon.

ASP Textbox MaxLength Tidbit – Safari on Mac

From Dan’s keyboard: On my asp.NET page I had this: <asp:TextBox ID="txtZip" runat="server" Text="Zip Code" Name="txtZip" onclick="javascript: zipClick();" MaxLength="5" Width="55"></asp:TextBox> If you notice, the Text=”Zip Code” has more characters than is allowed in the MaxLength property. Firefox and IE 6,7 ignore this and pass “Zip Code” onto the server during postback. Safari on a Mac, however, does NOT ignore this, and truncates the text to “Zip C” An interesting tidbit!!! Thank you Dan.

Good PSP Games - Suggestion

I am planing to buy PSP for Vedic Birthday gift. Would appreciate any suggestion on good game for him. He is 7 and currently play & love Lego Indiana Jones PC version. I am thinking of Lego Start Wars.

Windows Server 2008 And SharePoint 2007 VPC -– A Step By Step Install Guide

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my SharePoint related blog post from to here. This was originally posted on April 01, 2009 22:31.] Bellow is a step by step guide for creating Microsoft Virtual PC image for SharePoint 2007 development. The steps include configuration settings for creating Virtual PC machine & hard disk, installation & optimization of Windows 2008 and all development tools needed for development of SharePoint 2007. The step includes following tasks in order: Prepare VPC – Create Virtual Hard disk & Virtual Machine – [View details bellow] Install Windows Server 2008 – [View details bellow] Windows Updates & select option for “Get updates for more products” – [View details bellow] Add Web Server IIS role [View details bellow or check this post - Add Web Server IIS Role in Windows Server 2008 ] Install KB 950636 (For Installing SQL Server 2005 on Windows Server 2008) - [View detail

Conficker detection tool by DHS

The conficker detection tool developed by DHS and provided to IT-ISAC is available for customers to be able to download. The tool, ConfickerSnitcher , can be downloaded from the following URL: