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Showing posts from January, 2008

Backyard Garden - Tamoto Plants By Vedic

Vedic planted Tomato plants few months back. They are now grown up have few Tomato. Everyday in morning Vedic sees them and fascinated by color changes from green to red. He will eat first one him self second on he will give to his Aunt who game him the sead.

Vedic with New Sandisk Sansa e260

I promised my niece an mp3 player with video and photo features, so I bought a nice Sandisk Sansa e260 (view review of Sandisk Sansa e260 ) for her. Until I give it to her, it is with Vedic. He liked it so much that he keep it with him all the time. The player itself is very easy to use. August 8, 2008: He still likes the player. Watching a movie and he also likes Sing Is King movie song.