29 May 2009

PSP® System Software Update – Using PC - http://www.us.playstation.com/Support/SystemUpdates/PSP/pc.html

How to Upgrade Your PSP Firmware - http://www.wikihow.com/Upgrade-Your-PSP-Firmware

24 May 2009

Dotnetnuke 5.1 Beta 4 - Build Released. You can download it from - http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Community/BetaTestingProgram/tabid/1123/Default.aspx

Discuss it at 5.1.0 Beta Testing forum or View a change log summary for each beta build in Beta Test Change Log.

23 May 2009

This article “How to enable Language in Computer?” which is available at http://www.rajbhasha.gov.in/unicodesolutioneng.pdf is really good. Very basic steps and anyone can easily follow it.

It talk about Unicode enabling on Computer to avoid font related problems to display documents/ web-pages, send & receive e-mails, etc. in Hindi

I found this link at http://www.rajbhasha.gov.in. Which also teach you Hindi for free.

- http://www.rajbhasha.gov.in

Vedic with his grade 1 Science Project, How Windmill Blades Spin. 



How Windmill Blades Spin


The purpose of this project is to find out how windmill blades spin.

I like windmill because they are so powerful they can pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds with their windmill connection.


My hypothesis is that the blades of the windmill spin due to the angle in the blades.

My hypothesis is based on toy windmills and knowledge I gained while reading books.




Item Description


Windmill stand - to place different type of blades


Different type of blades some with angle and some without angle


Fan - for wind source


Pushpin, tape


1. Build the windmill stand and place it on the ground.

2. Place a fan approximately 1 foot away from windmill stand.

3. Place different type of blades on the windmill stand.

4. Turn the fan on to create the wind & observe whether the blade spins. Do they spin?

5. Repeat the above but change the angle of the blade to higher angle. Keep trying different blades & angle until one of the blade spins.

6. Note the observation into the result table in the note book


The purpose of this experiment was to find out whether the angles in the blades help in spinning the blade.

The results of the experiment were that the blades with angle spin while other blades without angle did not spin.

Blade Type

Does it Move

A full circle


Blades without angle


Blades with angle


Blades with higher angle



My hypothesis is that the blades of the windmill spin due to the angle in the blades. The result indicated that the hypothesis is true as the blades with angle spins while other blades did not spin.

I also observer that the higher the angle faster the spin.



Windmills are machines that have 1) Windmill Blade, 2) Windmill Tower, Shaft & Gears and 3) Connectors such as Turbine, Grindstone, Crasher and Water Pump.

How Windmill works

Windmills work because wind spins the blades of the windmill. When blades spin it turns shaft & gears of the windmill and can pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds with their windmill connection.

What is Wind

Wind is air in motion. Wind form by sun by heating air unevenly.

Use of windmill

Windmills are used to pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds.

Types of Windmills

There are two classes of windmills, horizontal-axis machines and vertical-axis machines.

Wind farms

Wind farms are made of anywhere from 60 to 1000 windmills in a big area to generate electricity that can be used by a small city.


Windmills have been around for thousands of years. The first windmills were used for irrigation. Windmills are great as they provide electricity, pump water and grindstones. Windmills use natural resource which is wind and do not produce any harmful waste.


The Wind at Work, An Activity Guide to Windmills, Gretchen Woelfle, 1999

Windmills, Laura Brooks, Metro Books, 1999

How Do Windmills Work, http://monsterguide.net/how-do-windmills-work

Windmill Wikipedia Guide, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windmill

16 May 2009

Some selected photos from Soccer matches during this season..

Open full screen slide show.

Vedic is upset as he could not save the goal. Later he calm down and saved an other goal.


Vedic got this Lego set on his birth day and fully enjoyed building it and then playing with it.

Open full screen slide show.

Vedic school has Busy Bee program in which all kids have to read books everyday. Parents & kids have to record & submit the time every week. End of the year school give trophies to kids for their contributions and hard work.



Wood Breaking:

Slide Show: You can also watch Full screen slide show.

Full Video: Due to some issue in camcorder video is all red but still some fun.

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/SharePoint.aspx to here. This was originally posted on May 16, 2009.]

The Enhanced Blog Edition (EBE) is a SharePoint 2007 solution package which extends the out-of-the-box blog template. EBE 2.0 has been focused on individual blog sites.

Enhanced Blog Edition (EBE) 2.0 Final Release is now available for download at http://cks.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=5134#ReleaseFiles.

The EBE is deployed as a solution package (*.wsp) to either WSS 3.0 or MOSS and activated as a Feature on a blog site. You can activate the EBE feature on an existing SharePoint blog site and de-activate later without losing any data. Most of the EBE features are configurable on/off through a settings page accessible to the site admin.

More CKS:EBE resources can be found here

Sample list of blogs using the CKS:EBE

Top features:

Top features: (Copied from the CodePlex & Vendor website)

  • Theming
    • Modular Theme Framework (MTF) - no need to wrestle with the default blog master page - start from the HTML you want and simply insert the blog content via XSL.
    • SEO Friendly URL's - blog post URL's that look like /archive/2007/08/25/sharepoint-chart-tool.aspx instead of /Lists/Posts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=37
    • 5 very cool themes to use as-is, or to get you started on the development of your own including dynamic per-post links (e.g. Digg this), tag cloud, etc. Check them out here
  • Linkbacks (aka Trackbacks)
    • Send linkbacks to other blog posts you are linking to in your EBE blog post (these show up as trackbacks on the other blog)
    • Receive linkbacks from other blogs who are posting about your blog post (these show up as trackbacks on your EBE blog)
  • Spam control
    • Akismet integration to detect comment spam
    • CAPTCHA to help block comment spam at the source
    • Option to automatically delete spam to recycle bin
    • Option to automatically approve spam-free comments
  • RSS
    • Custom RSS link (e.g. http://feeds.feedburner.com/myblog)
    • Post trimming (only a portion of post is sent via RSS)
    • Specify RSS feed item count
    • Category specific feeds (e.g. /rss.xml?cat=coolstuff)
    • Validates W3C
  • Miscellaneous
    • Securing of system pages (e.g. so anonymous users can't browse your lists and libraries using SharePoint UI)
    • Metaweblog API to support Windows Live Writer and migration tools.
    • Client Date/Time - displays date/time in time zone of user instead of server

Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 – New in Page Features and Settings


Error Detail: A system error prevented the service pack from installing. Please download and run the “Check for System Update Readiness” tool at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=122602.

If the “Check for System Update Readiness” tool doesn’t fix the problem, visit the Microsoft website for more information.


Resolution: If you face above error then download and run the System Update Readiness tool from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947366/.

More details: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947366/ - Error message when you try to install the stand-alone package for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 or for Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2: "Installation was not successful" or "An internal error occurred while installing the service pack"

For the people comfortable with coding and uses Facebook may want to consider looking the open source “Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0”. This toolkit was originally developed by Clarity Consulting Inc for the Microsoft Visual Studio Express Team.

Download: Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0 is available for download at http://facebooktoolkit.codeplex.com/

Guide: How to Use the Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0 - http://www.devtacular.com/articles/bkonrad/how-to-use-the-facebook-developer-toolkit-20/

Facebook application development in ASP.NET - http://www.stevetrefethen.com/wiki/Default.aspx?Page=Facebook%20application%20development%20in%20ASP.NET&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

Sample: Facebook Developer Application - http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2345053339

Alternative Options: For those who don’t want to spend lot of time in coding may consider using Blogfuse Facebook App Creator.

You  can create a Facebook App quickly using Blogfuse Facebook App Creator simple wizard. For example, you can create a simple application for your blog to displays the latest posts from the blog on your Facebook profile. This will allow your friends and other followers to easily follow and share your blog's posts.

You may also want to check another post “Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0 – Open Source”. 


Pricing: Facebook App Creator Subscriptions

(Pricing details are as of 15 May 2009, please check http://blogfuse.com/subscribe/ for current pricing)

Single- $5/month (1 blog)
Subscribe w/ a FREE week trial period

Silver- $13/month (Up to 3 blogs)
Subscribe w/ a FREE week trial period

Gold- $18/month (Up to 5 blogs)
Subscribe w/ a FREE week trial period

Pro Blogger- $30/month (Up to 10 blogs)
Subscribe w/ a FREE week trial period

http://www.wolframalpha.com is a new search engine launched today. This search engine is targeted to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.


Currently it is working very slow and also showing an alert as in screenshots below.

“Type “New York” and then press “=”.




In Firefox:




More Samples from the Wolfram Alpha Website:

Sample topics:

New to Wolfram|Alpha?

A few things to try:
Examples by Topic » Visual Gallery of Examples » Watch Overview Video »

15 May 2009

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

I upgraded my website to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 from Dotnetnuke 04.09.02. Most of the things I tested are working fine. During the upgrade I see few errors but that did not affected the website and are also listed as known issue with Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta (build 266) “Known Issues with Build 266”.

00:00:09.388 -   Executing Script: 05.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 05.01.00.log for more information)
00:00:25.627 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.02_Install:  Error!

After upgrade to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00, Host->Dashboards page is showing error. Below is a screenshot of the Host->Dashboards page.


Error: Dashboard is currently unavailable.
DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: The file '/Admin/Dashboard/Dashboard.ascx' does not exist. ---> System.Web.HttpException: The file '/Admin/Dashboard/Dashboard.ascx' does not exist. at System.Web.UI.Util.CheckVirtualFileExists(VirtualPath virtualPath) at System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResultInternal(VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean noBuild, Boolean allowCrossApp, Boolean allowBuildInPrecompile) at System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResultWithNoAssert(HttpContext context, VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean noBuild, Boolean allowCrossApp, Boolean allowBuildInPrecompile) at System.Web.Compilation.BuildManager.GetVPathBuildResult(HttpContext context, VirtualPath virtualPath, Boolean noBuild, Boolean allowCrossApp, Boolean allowBuildInPrecompile) at System.Web.UI.TemplateControl.LoadControl(VirtualPath virtualPath) at System.Web.UI.TemplateControl.LoadControl(String virtualPath) at DotNetNuke.UI.ControlUtilites.LoadControl[T](TemplateControl containerControl, String ControlSrc) at DotNetNuke.UI.Modules.ModuleHost.LoadModuleControl() --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Text version of the error message:

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

I upgraded my website to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 from Dotnetnuke 04.09.02. Most of the things I tested are working fine. During the upgrade I see few errors but that did not affected the website and are also listed as known issue with Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta (build 266) “Known Issues with Build 266”.

00:00:09.388 -   Executing Script: 05.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 05.01.00.log for more information)
00:00:25.627 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.02_Install:  Error!

Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 1 - After upgrade to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00, contents on the Host->Module Definition page are disappeared.

Below is a screenshot of the Host->Module Definition page.


Interestingly I can modify the URL to http://www.lakshadev.net/tabid/7/ctl/Install/rtab/7/portalid/0/Default.aspx (from http://www.lakshadev.net/tabid/18/portalid/0/Default.aspx) to open the module install modules (install extensions).


[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

NOTE: BETA versions of DotNetNuke 05.01.00 are NOT to be used for production sites. Also always do the testing first on a development envirnment e.g. I have created a copy of my website at my local machine using host file. http://www.lakshadev.net. Also always ensure you backup your sites and data before attempting any upgrade. 

This post cover upgrade from Dotnetnuke 04.09.02 to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00.

Upgrade Steps:

  • Download the UPGRADE package for the 05.01.00 version of DotNetNuke from the DotNetNuke.com website. Please note download UPGRADE package.
  • Take a backup of your current Dotnetnuke installation folder (website folder).
  • Unzip it UPGRADE package over your existing Dotnetnuke installation folder (website folder). This will update all DotNetNuke core files and prepare you to install the upgrade.
  • Open http://www.websitename.com/install/install.aspx?mode=install e.g. http://www.lakshadev.net/install/install.aspx?mode=install. This will start the upgrade wizard.  All needed web.config changes will be merged and your site will be upgraded. 
  • Once upgrade complete you will see a success message as shown bellow. Note any error message you may see. In my case I saw following errors:


    Text version of success and error messages:

    Upgrading DotNetNuke

    Current Assembly Version: 5.1.0

    Current Database Version: 04.09.02

    Upgrade Status Report

    00:00:00.034 - Upgrading to Version: 5.1.0
    00:00:00.076 -   Executing Script: 05.00.00.SqlDataProvider Success
    00:00:08.163 -   Executing Script: 05.00.01.SqlDataProvider Success
    00:00:09.388 -   Executing Script: 05.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 05.01.00.log for more information)
    00:00:11.896 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:24.450 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:24.464 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:24.586 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:24.962 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:24.988 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:25.045 -   Updating Config Files: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:25.048 -   Updating Config Files: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:25.049 -   Updating Config Files: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:25.054 - Performing General Upgrades
    00:00:25.620 - Installing Optional Modules:
    00:00:25.623 - Installing Optional Skins:
    00:00:25.627 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.02_Install:  Error!
    00:00:26.293 - Installing Optional Containers:
    00:00:26.293 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropyContainer_01.00.02_Install:  Error!
    00:00:26.417 - Installing Optional Languages:
    00:00:26.418 - Installing Optional Providers:
    00:00:26.469 -   Installing Package File AspNetMembershipProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.632 -   Installing Package File CorePermissionProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.722 -   Installing Package File DatabaseLoggingProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.861 -   Installing Package File DNNMembershipProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.944 -   Installing Package File DNNMenuNavigationProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:27.022 -   Installing Package File DNNTreeNavigationProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:27.104 -   Installing Package File FckHtmlEditorProvider_02.00.03_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.334 -   Installing Package File FileBasedCachingProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.435 -   Installing Package File SchedulingProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.511 -   Installing Package File SearchIndexProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.576 -   Installing Package File SearchProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.702 -   Installing Package File SolpartMenuNavigationProvider_05.00.01_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.928 - Installing Optional AuthSystems:
    00:00:37.928 -   Installing Package File LiveID_01.00.01_Install:  Success
    00:00:39.443 -   Installing Package File OpenID_02.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:39.960 - Installing Optional Packages:


  • Now click at browse your website link. Regardless of above error you should see your website working fine. Test all the pages and functionality.image

Following are open issues:

Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 1 – Host->Module Definition page are blank
Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 2 – Error on Host->Dashboards page

Discuss 05.01.00 Beta Testing at


14 May 2009

All Google services including Google Search, Gmail, Google Apps are currently down. This is the first time I saw Google Down.

Wow… How everyone working. A life without Google… Never thought of it..

Update 1:15PM: Google is back online…

While Google was down, I was thinking about all the Google Service we daily use…

Google Search


Blogger (http://blog.laksha.net is hosted at blogger.com)

Google Apps (our emails and one website http://dance.laksha.net is hosted at Google Apps)


Google Docs

Google Maps


Google RSS reader

Wow – Think about applications relies on Google Code API…Maps on many website…

All Google services including Google Search, Gmail, Google Apps are currently down. This is the first time I saw Google Down.

Big News…

13 May 2009

Umbraco is a ASP.NET based Open Source CSM system like DotNetNuke. It is getting popularity and based on other users review comments it is very simple to implement and use. Take a look.

Company website:  http://umbraco.org/

Code download: http://umbraco.codeplex.com/



Introduction Video: http://umbraco.org/documentation/videos/getting-started/what-is-umbraco

Disclaimer: Logo & Screenshot are copied from http://umbraco.org & CodePlex website and are property of http://umbraco.org.

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

Following are the screenshot of latest Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta release installation wizard. This is a fresh install of Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta. 

Note: To download, please go to the www.dotnetnuke.com and login to the website. If you do not have an account then create a new account. You can also use your Live Id (previously known as Passport id). Click at Download button and then click at DotNetNuke Beta Testing Program.


Select custom and click at Next button.


Click on Test Permission to verify you have setup correct permissions. You should have given either full rights of modify rights to Network Service account.











09 May 2009

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

Live Writer is a great tool to create, edit the blog post. Live Writter does not have inbuilt ability to post on a Dotnetnuke based website (as of Maty 9, 2009). There are several paid plugins available for Live Writter that allow you to integrated your Live Writter with Dotnetnuke based website and Dotnetnuke modues.

Here I want to ilustrate how you can use the free Dotnetnuke module “metaPost Community Edition” to post & edit your articles on Ventrian News Articles module.

You will need edit permission on the  one or more Ventrian News Articles module in the website.


How to Configuret Live Writer and metaPost For Ventrian News Articles

Select Blog->Add Blog Account





http://www.laksha.net/metapost.ashx?key=news articles


More details are available at http://dnn.itcrossing.com/products/modules/metapost/providers/ventrian-news-articles/


Related Post

You can also read my earlier blog post on Windows Live Writer

Live Writer & metaPost For Dotnetnuke - How to Download, Install & Configure

How to Use Live Writer to Edit Dotnetnuke Pages (HTML Modules) Using metaPost Module

How to Use Live Writer to Post Ventrian News Articles (in Dotnetnuke) Using metaPost Module

How to use Windows Live Writer to Post to Your Blog – blogger, Wordpress

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

Following are a list of free open source DotNetNuke modules available at CodePlex. Some of them are very useful. I thought this list with name, link and a quick detail will be useful for myself and many other people.

NB_Store - Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog Module - http://nbstore.codeplex.com/ 
NB_Store is a Free DotNetNuke E-Commerce / Catalog Module that supports multiple languages, customization through html templates, Export/Import, Order Admin, client Admin, Stock Control and Products support multiple models and options. It's developed in VB.Net.

IWeb - DotNetNuke WebServices Module - http://iweb.codeplex.com/
IWEB allows you to create Web Services for your DotNetNuke Portal. You simply upload the module and start adding your own methods.
Intergrates with DNN authentication and API.
IWeb is an extensible framework for DotNetNuke allowing developers to use web methods that are integrated with the DotNetNuke security context.

IWebCF - DotNetNuke WCF Services Module - http://iwebcf.codeplex.com/
IWebCF provides a platform for developers to extend DotNetNuke using WCF services. IWebCF brings the power of SOA to DotNetNuke, allowing DNN to be more easily inter grated with enterprise applications and services.

IWebCF is the next generation of the original IWeb module for DotNetNuke. IWeb originally was developed using the classic ASMX web services and allowed extension methods to be added very easily. File management extension methods were added to the module and a file manager client was also included. IWebCF picks up at this point and migrates the underlying technology to WCF and away from ASMX web services.

MSBuild DotNetNuke Tasks - http://msbuilddnntasks.codeplex.com/
The MSBuild DotNetNuke Tasks Project is an open source project for MSBuild tasks for automatically updating the DotNetNuke Manifest file (.dnn) based on the actual state of the module. This will help in removing repetitive and easy to forgot tasks when creating DNN manifest files
Whenever you release a new version of a DotNetNuke module you have to carefully review the DotNetNuke manifest file ( .dnn) to reflect the current status of the module.

jQuery UI DotNetNuke integration - http://jquidnn.codeplex.com/
The goal of jQUI-DNN is to provide an easily deployable solution for developers wanting to use jQuery UI in a DotNetNuke context. The core and themes are provided as separate modules for easy deployment in a DotNetNuke host. It is developed in C#.

User Directory Module for DotNetNuke - http://userdirectory.codeplex.com/
With the Effority.Net User Directory Module for DotNetNuke you can search easily for your DotNetNuke users and display information like names, telephone numbers or all other profile data.

So you can easily provide a member directory, dealer directory or phonebook.

DotNetNuke Linq to Sql Model Adapter - http://dnnlinqtosqladapter.codeplex.com/
A DataContext adapter allowing DotNetNuke modules using Linq to Sql to automatically apply an end user's database owner and object qualifier at runtime

Organization chart with gallery - http://trombi.codeplex.com/
is a DotNetNuke module, in french: "trombinoscope". It is used to show the organisation chart with photos and hierarchy. It is alors possible to perform a search to find people in the company.

Workflow HTML / Versioning HTML Module for DotNetNuke - http://workflow.codeplex.com/
Based on the "Text/HTML Core Module" the Text/HTML Workflow Module offers simple versioning and approval abilities for your Text/HTML Module content.
Key features:

  • Versioning Text/HTML content
  • Roles: Viewer (Reader), Editor, Approval
  • Workflow Control Center: Manage Texts Versions
  • Viewer always gets the latest approved version of the content
  • Notifies Workflow Member if new content is available
  • Each submitted Text is stored as separated version

DotNetNuke Developers Help File - http://dnnhelpsystem.codeplex.com/
MSDN Style help based upon inline code comments in de DotNetNuke Source Modules.

The help files are generated using SandCastle and the SandCastle Help File Builder using the unmodified sources from DotNetNuke, which can be downloaded from www.DotNetNuke.com

Silverlight Media for DotNetNuke - http://dnnslmedia.codeplex.com/
SilverlightMedia is a module for DotNetNuke®. Its a container for showing Silverlight applications in a DotNetNuke@ portal.

SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke - http://silverlightdesktpdnn.codeplex.com/
DotNetNuke module version of SilverlightDesktop

WillStrohl.Injection Module for DotNetNuke - http://wnsinj.codeplex.com/
This is a content injection module, written by Will Strohl. Its purpose is to allow you to inject markup into the header or footer of the page. This version is compatible with DNN version 4.06.02 and up.

This module is meant to make it easy for DNN hosts and admins to add HTML markup into a DotNetNuke website, either in the header, or the footer of the page. This module can easily be used on a single page, or across an entire portal. Examples of how this might benefit you are:
jQuery script , Google Analytics script , Quantcast script, HTML comments / snippets, Inline JavaScript snippets, 3rd party widgets (non-DNN), Advertising snippets and whatever else you figure out to do...

DotNetNuke IdentitySwitcher - http://identityswitcher.codeplex.com/
The IdentitySwitcher is a simple, but very useful tool when it comes to DNN Module Development. Using this module you can easily switch between users, without knowing their passwords. Even switching to host users is supported (must be allowed by the host user).
Do not use this module in production environment.

SwfObject4DNN - Adobe Flash and Flex Module for DotNetNuke - http://swfobject4dnn.codeplex.com/
Gives you everything you need to use Adobe Flex or Adobe Flash files as modules in DotNetNuke. Along with IWebLite and Web Services, SwfObject4DNN helps you take advantage of user management in DotNetNuke from within your Flex or Flash application. The template is parameterized to make setting up and making changes easy.

Magic Content - http://magiccontent.codeplex.com/
Magic Content
is a multi-lingual content publishing module that can be used as a replacement for the current Text/HTML module. It's very easy to use and extends content publishing by many useful features.

Image Upload and Editor Control - http://imageeditor.codeplex.com/
ASP.Net 2.0/MS AJAX 1.1 Image Editor custom server control provides client-side cropping, rotation/flip, brightness/contrast/saturation enhancement with dynamically generated image preview. Accompanying Image Editor Control is a full-featured image file selection and upload custom server control for DotNetNuke v 4.6.2 and above which handles all folder (including DNN secure and database folders) and file operations with respect for DNN permissions. A DNN module is also provided to demonstrate the control's capabilities and properties. It may also be used as a stand-alone image upload and editing module.

WillStrohl.FeedHandler Module for DotNetNuke - http://wnsfh.codeplex.com/
This module is meant to help DNN site admins deal with the core RSS feed issues that modules output. For example, the Announcements module has the module name at the beginning of each <item> element value. The FeedHandler module allows you to perform a little Regular Expression magic to clean up and change your RSS feeds. However, you will need to supply a different feed URL to those who consume your RSS feed.

DNN Content Builder WCMS - http://dnncb.codeplex.com/
Content management is about to transform raw content into assets, managing every aspect of its life cycle. We are talking about workflow, scheduling, versioning, staging, personalization and much more than simply create HTML or inserting images into a page.

DNN Live Messenger - http://dnnlivemessenger.codeplex.com/
DNN Live Messenger makes it easy for users to integrate Windows Live UI Controls into their DotNetNuke Website. Instantly add the Windows Live Messenger webbar and enable users to use Windows Live Messenger from your Website. This module uses Delegated Authentication and requires you to register your site with Windows Live Services to recieve and AppID and to register a shared secret.

DNNFlashImageRotator - http://dnnfir.codeplex.com/
DotNetNuke Flash Image Rotator is based on JW Image Rortator, an open source flash project enables you to show a couple of photos in sequence, with fluid transitions between them. It supports rotation of an RSS, XSPF or ASX playlists with JPG, GIF and PNG images, a wide range of flashvars (variables) for tweaking both behavior and appearance and an extensive javascript API.

SharePointNuke - http://sharepointnuke.codeplex.com/
Open source module that connects to a SharePoint server and displays the content of a specified list into DotNetNuke

DnnScanFree - http://dnnscanfree.codeplex.com/
A DotNetNuke module and associated windows forms client that facilitates the scanning and processing of documents using box codes. Additional information on this project can be found here: http://www.adefwebserver.com/DotNetNukeHELP/Misc/ScanFree/dnScanFree.htm

DnnBlogML - http://dnnblogml.codeplex.com/
DnnBlogML allows import/export between the core DotNetNuke Blog module and the BlogML format. It's developed in Visual Basic, targeting .NET 3.5 SP1 framework, DotNetNuke 05.00.01, Blog 03.05.01.

DotNetNuke Event Publisher - http://dnneventpublisher.codeplex.com/
A DotNetNuke module that allows you to sync events based on data retrieved from SQL queries or existing UserDefinedTable modules to your Google Calendars.

A very good website for people interested in building plugin etc.


04 May 2009

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 is now available. Windows Server 2008 R2 RC is also available.

Windows 7 Release Candidate now available for MSDN Subscribers. Be among the first to access Windows 7 Release Candidate along with support, training, and technical content included with your subscription.