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How Windmill Blades Spin – Grade 1 Science Project 2009

Vedic with his grade 1 Science Project, How Windmill Blades Spin. 



How Windmill Blades Spin


The purpose of this project is to find out how windmill blades spin.

I like windmill because they are so powerful they can pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds with their windmill connection.


My hypothesis is that the blades of the windmill spin due to the angle in the blades.

My hypothesis is based on toy windmills and knowledge I gained while reading books.




Item Description


Windmill stand - to place different type of blades


Different type of blades some with angle and some without angle


Fan - for wind source


Pushpin, tape


1. Build the windmill stand and place it on the ground.

2. Place a fan approximately 1 foot away from windmill stand.

3. Place different type of blades on the windmill stand.

4. Turn the fan on to create the wind & observe whether the blade spins. Do they spin?

5. Repeat the above but change the angle of the blade to higher angle. Keep trying different blades & angle until one of the blade spins.

6. Note the observation into the result table in the note book


The purpose of this experiment was to find out whether the angles in the blades help in spinning the blade.

The results of the experiment were that the blades with angle spin while other blades without angle did not spin.

Blade Type

Does it Move

A full circle


Blades without angle


Blades with angle


Blades with higher angle



My hypothesis is that the blades of the windmill spin due to the angle in the blades. The result indicated that the hypothesis is true as the blades with angle spins while other blades did not spin.

I also observer that the higher the angle faster the spin.



Windmills are machines that have 1) Windmill Blade, 2) Windmill Tower, Shaft & Gears and 3) Connectors such as Turbine, Grindstone, Crasher and Water Pump.

How Windmill works

Windmills work because wind spins the blades of the windmill. When blades spin it turns shaft & gears of the windmill and can pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds with their windmill connection.

What is Wind

Wind is air in motion. Wind form by sun by heating air unevenly.

Use of windmill

Windmills are used to pump water, turn a turbine and cut hay into little seeds.

Types of Windmills

There are two classes of windmills, horizontal-axis machines and vertical-axis machines.

Wind farms

Wind farms are made of anywhere from 60 to 1000 windmills in a big area to generate electricity that can be used by a small city.


Windmills have been around for thousands of years. The first windmills were used for irrigation. Windmills are great as they provide electricity, pump water and grindstones. Windmills use natural resource which is wind and do not produce any harmful waste.


The Wind at Work, An Activity Guide to Windmills, Gretchen Woelfle, 1999

Windmills, Laura Brooks, Metro Books, 1999

How Do Windmills Work,

Windmill Wikipedia Guide,


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