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Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Upgrade Screenshot

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NOTE: BETA versions of DotNetNuke 05.01.00 are NOT to be used for production sites. Also always do the testing first on a development envirnment e.g. I have created a copy of my website at my local machine using host file. Also always ensure you backup your sites and data before attempting any upgrade. 

This post cover upgrade from Dotnetnuke 04.09.02 to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00.

Upgrade Steps:

  • Download the UPGRADE package for the 05.01.00 version of DotNetNuke from the website. Please note download UPGRADE package.
  • Take a backup of your current Dotnetnuke installation folder (website folder).
  • Unzip it UPGRADE package over your existing Dotnetnuke installation folder (website folder). This will update all DotNetNuke core files and prepare you to install the upgrade.
  • Open e.g. This will start the upgrade wizard.  All needed web.config changes will be merged and your site will be upgraded. 
  • Once upgrade complete you will see a success message as shown bellow. Note any error message you may see. In my case I saw following errors:


    Text version of success and error messages:

    Upgrading DotNetNuke

    Current Assembly Version: 5.1.0

    Current Database Version: 04.09.02

    Upgrade Status Report

    00:00:00.034 - Upgrading to Version: 5.1.0
    00:00:00.076 -   Executing Script: 05.00.00.SqlDataProvider Success
    00:00:08.163 -   Executing Script: 05.00.01.SqlDataProvider Success
    00:00:09.388 -   Executing Script: 05.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 05.01.00.log for more information)
    00:00:11.896 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:24.450 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:24.464 -   Executing Application Upgrades: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:24.586 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:24.962 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:24.988 -   Cleaning Up Files: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:25.045 -   Updating Config Files: 5.0.0 Success
    00:00:25.048 -   Updating Config Files: 5.0.1 Success
    00:00:25.049 -   Updating Config Files: 5.1.0 Success
    00:00:25.054 - Performing General Upgrades
    00:00:25.620 - Installing Optional Modules:
    00:00:25.623 - Installing Optional Skins:
    00:00:25.627 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.02_Install:  Error!
    00:00:26.293 - Installing Optional Containers:
    00:00:26.293 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropyContainer_01.00.02_Install:  Error!
    00:00:26.417 - Installing Optional Languages:
    00:00:26.418 - Installing Optional Providers:
    00:00:26.469 -   Installing Package File AspNetMembershipProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.632 -   Installing Package File CorePermissionProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.722 -   Installing Package File DatabaseLoggingProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.861 -   Installing Package File DNNMembershipProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:26.944 -   Installing Package File DNNMenuNavigationProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:27.022 -   Installing Package File DNNTreeNavigationProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:27.104 -   Installing Package File FckHtmlEditorProvider_02.00.03_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.334 -   Installing Package File FileBasedCachingProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.435 -   Installing Package File SchedulingProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.511 -   Installing Package File SearchIndexProvider_05.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.576 -   Installing Package File SearchProvider_05.01.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.702 -   Installing Package File SolpartMenuNavigationProvider_05.00.01_Install:  Success
    00:00:37.928 - Installing Optional AuthSystems:
    00:00:37.928 -   Installing Package File LiveID_01.00.01_Install:  Success
    00:00:39.443 -   Installing Package File OpenID_02.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:39.960 - Installing Optional Packages:


  • Now click at browse your website link. Regardless of above error you should see your website working fine. Test all the pages and functionality.image

Following are open issues:

Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 1 – Host->Module Definition page are blank
Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 2 – Error on Host->Dashboards page

Discuss 05.01.00 Beta Testing at


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