09 May 2009

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

Live Writer is a great tool to create, edit the blog post. Live Writter does not have inbuilt ability to post on a Dotnetnuke based website (as of Maty 9, 2009). There are several paid plugins available for Live Writter that allow you to integrated your Live Writter with Dotnetnuke based website and Dotnetnuke modues.

Here I want to ilustrate how you can use the free Dotnetnuke module “metaPost Community Edition” to post & edit your articles on Ventrian News Articles module.

You will need edit permission on the  one or more Ventrian News Articles module in the website.


How to Configuret Live Writer and metaPost For Ventrian News Articles

Select Blog->Add Blog Account





http://www.laksha.net/metapost.ashx?key=news articles


More details are available at http://dnn.itcrossing.com/products/modules/metapost/providers/ventrian-news-articles/


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