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SharePoint 2010 Beta Released - Includes SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server, Search Server, Fast Search, Search Designer

During the Microsoft PDC 2010 (Nov 17-19), Microsoft has released - SharePoint 2010 Betas that includes SharePoint Foundation 2010 Beta, SharePoint Server 2010 Beta, SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta, Search Server 2010 Beta and Fast Search Server 2010 Beta.

As you may have noticed they have changed names of some products. SharePoint Services are now called SharePoint Foundation. I have seen SharePoint conference 2009 keynote from Jeff Teper and would recommend everyone to watch it to get a quick & exciting overview of SharePoint 2010.

Did anyone tried already, how did you like it. I will also install & will share my experience. Microsoft also released Office 2010 Beta, Project Server 2010 Beta.

There are few good resource from Microsoft to learn more about SharePoint 2010. I am listing them as below. Please share your more links to more resources via comments to this blog post. Thanks. – This is a website from Microsoft and it is running on SharePoint 2010 Beta.

This website is one stop place to learn everything about SharePoint 2010. Following are two additional links from the same website.
SharePoint 2010 For Developers - image
SharePoint 2010 For IT Professionals like my brother - image
Videos from SharePoint Conference 2009
Keynote Address – Jeff Teper – MUST WATCH
Watch the SharePoint Conference 2009 keynote address given by Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of the Office SharePoint Server Group at Microsoft. The address includes SharePoint 2010 demos by Jared Spataro and Arpan Shah.
SharePoint Server 2010 Virtual Pressroom



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