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HOWTO - Download & Install Google Chrome OS .vmdk Using VMWare Or Virtualbox

This page summarize how to download & Install the Google Chrome OS. It may not worth your effort though as currently Google Chrome OS is at very early stage of release. 

Download Locations:

1. From Piretbay Torrent Website - Download Virtual Machine Image (.vmdk) file
2. From GDGT Website - Download Virtual Machine Image (.vmdk) file
3. From Chromium OS Website - Download source and build it yourself using these Instructions

How to Use:

1. Use VMWare to attach the .vmdk file using these step by step instructions.
2. Use Virtualbox to attach the .vmdk file using these instructions.Virtualbox is a an open source & free visualization product for Windows, Mac & Lunux. You can download it at

What to expect:

1. You will get Google Chrome OS running in virtual machine.
2. You will not get to see all the cool things that you may have seen during Google Chrome OS webcast yesterday but it sill give you preview of some of those.
3. Google Chrome OS will eventually require special hardware and will not run on any hardware. These special hardware will guarantee blazing fast OS which will boot as fast as you turn on your TV.
4. You will not able to install anything in the OS. everything will run inside the Google Chrome browser.

Preview Without Install:

1. Google Chrome OS - User Experience


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