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Florida Soccer League – U9 Yellow Team with Coach Goga

End of the season 2008. Vedic will not play in the last game as we will be going to Sea World in company Christmas Party but they will have a small party & trophy distribution during Saturday practice.

How to Uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) in Vista

In Windows XP you will see the uninstall option in Add/Remove Programs but in Windows Vista uninstall option is available under “View installed update”.

Winners in Talent Show 2008 Orlando - Ghoomar - Minor Folk Dance

Minor Folk Dance (Ghoomar  - Run Jhun Baaje Doodhra) group. Bellow is their performance in Orlando Talent Show 2008 of Gujarati Society of Central Florida.


Nokia is a worlds most favorite mobile phone brand because of its feature, durability and customer satisfaction, in the every phone company set some secret code for troubleshooting and for secure information. hear some of the secret code*#06#          -  To display IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). *#7780#    -  To reset the phone to factory settings. *#0000#   -  To view the phone software version. *#2820#    -  To view Bluetooth device address. *#3370#    -  Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal   strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though. *#3370*    -  (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 30% because phone receives less signal from network. *#4720#   -  Half Rate Codec activation. *#4720*    -  Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart *#746025625#  -  Sim clock allowed…

Windows Command

Microsoft Windows originally GUI Operating system and no need to remember Command to operate Microsoft windows but combination of GUL and command make easy and faster use of Microsoft Windows. Windows Administration CommandsCommand UsesCommand NameAdministrative Toolscontrol admintoolsLocal Users and Groupslusrmgr.mscComputer Managementcompmgmt.mscEvent Viewereventvwr.mscGroup Policy Editor (XP Prof)gpedit.mscResultant Set of Policy (XP Prof)rsop.mscLocal Security Settingssecpol.mscSecurity Centerwscui.cplServicesservices.mscCertificate Managercertmgr.mscFolders Propertiescontrol foldersPassword Propertiespassword.cplPerformance Monitorperfmon.mscPerformance MonitorperfmonRegistry EditorregeditRegistry Editorregedit32Remote DesktopmstscSystem Configuration EditorsyseditSystem Configuration UtilitymsconfigShared Foldersfsmgmt.mscShuts Down WindowsshutdownSQL Client ConfigurationcliconfgLogs You Out Of WindowslogoffObject PackagerpackagerODBC Data Source Administratorodbccp32.cplDDE Sha…

Dotnetnuke 5.0.0 - Create Page Screen

Following are the screenshot of the add new page screen. This screenshots are from Dotnetnuke 5.0.0 RC2. There are two new features that I found on create new page/tab screen.Dropdown shows current pages under the selected parent page. In above screen you can select Before, After or to the end of the selected page.Parent page selection dropdown now display Admin & Host pages as well. So now you can add new pages under Admin & Host tab. This was not possible before.Following screen shows that now you can create new page from an existing page. Now you have option to select various modules on source page to copy.

Dotnetnuke 5.0.0 Installation Steps – Fresh Install

Following are screenshots of the Dotnetnuke 5.0.0 RC2 install. Installation was very smooth and have few changes as compare to Dotnetnuke 4.9.0 but many changes compare to 4.5.5. This was a fresh install.My machine configuration is: Vista Enterprise, II7, .NET 2.0 & .Net 3.5 installed and SQL 2005.Update Service - Help protect the Integrity of your Website This software can routinely check for the latest important updates for your website. These updates can include security updates, critical updates and patches. (No information is collected that can be used to identify you or contact you without your explicit consent.) Do you want the software to display a visual indicator to notify you when updates are available? Yes
NoDo you want to receive notifications by email regarding updates to the software?

Google Video Chat – Just Released

Google now has Video Chat. You can learn more and install the new Google Video Chat at some of you might have noticed the new link in the Gmail “New! Video chat”.

Minor Folk Dance Group - India Fest 2008 Tampa

Minor Folk Dance (Ghoomar  - Run Jhun Baaje Doodhra) group. They performed in Tampa India Fest 2008 and will perform again in Orlando Talent Show 2008.

Get Free Licensed Microsoft Applications

Microsoft DreamSpark™ is giving developer and design software to students in India at no charge (free).The software includes Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Expression Web 2.0, Game Studio 2.0 etc.To download application & software go to Microsoft DreamSpark website at and download after student ID verification.

Vedic - Before and After Haircut

Halloween 2008

Halloween evening at Crane Roost Lake. Vedic as Power Ranger, Adam as Transformer and Yash as Ninja.

Start Wars - The Clone War - Reading Book

Live Mesh Tech Preview

Live Mesh Tech Preview is now available at You will need Live ID to use it. Live Mesh will puts you at the center of your digital world, connecting you to the information, people, and devices you care about. You can use your Live Desktop to access folders and devices from the web. You can also add a device to synchronize folders with your mesh and connect to it remotely. More details at available at About Live Mesh.

Happy Diwali 2008

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Have a wonderful time and best wishes.Bellow is photograph of Vedic Diwali day. He is in traditional Indian dress (Kurta Paizama).

Welcome To Winter 2008

Welcome to Winter 2008. It is getting cold in Orlando during the morning & evening. Vedic was waiting to wear this dress for long time. First day of winter when we had 68F inside home, he got the convincing reason to wear this dress.

Room To Read – Changing World By Educating Children is a non profit organization created by John Wood. He leave the Microsoft to create a non-profit with a strong business ethos, RoomToRead. He also wrote a book “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur's Odyssey to Educate the World's Children”. In this book he wrote about long term vision of world change.  & early successes. Please visit to read more. Me and my friends specially Anurag Bhargava are fully convinced by the RoomToRead vision. We request everyone to check the site & and make some donations. John wood is doing great work to provide books school and scholarship to the students in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh  and other developing countries. At least we can promote his cause by making a small donation.Direct link to Make A Donation page:

HTC – Touch HD

Another iphone competitor coming soon to the U.S. This one is the newer modified version running at speeds of 3.5G with a 5 megapixel camera, GPS and a 3.8 inch WVGA display. Does not have a built in memory as large as the iphone but it is expandable via SD card but you see everything in high definition as this is strictly a HD model. With the information given so far, this phone is expected to be a winner in the cellular world. It has ultrafast 3.5G technology to surf and download at broadband speeds. On HSDPA networks, the Touch HDTM delivers downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps.Other HTC Touch Screen products are

Linux Root Password Recovery

"root"  is the super user of Linux Operating System and he has full privilege to do anything on it. and if you forgot the root users password then it is very helpless situation for you. in this situation you will not able to do any changes in Linux Operating system, and as a standard user you do not have such privilege who has root user. but do not vary about this problem, Linux operating system has solution for this problem.Before do this you need some basic concept  about "init" process.  init is father of all Linux processes and it is first process which is executed at the time of booting after the loading Linux kernel in to the RAM. By default init has 7 run levels and every run level has specific use.Default runlevel. The runlevels used by Linux are:
#   0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
#   1 - Single user mode
#   2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have networking)
#   3 - Full multiuser mode
#   4 - unused���…

Schedule Shutdown in Linux and Windows

Shutdown is common process on every Computer. After completing the work most of the us shutdown the computer, shutdown process completed in sequence of task by computer and Operating System. In shutdown process Operating System will end every running process step by step and save unsaved information before power goes off. If you are near the computer then you can shutdown it properly. But it is not a easy task to shutdown computer from remote and make sure all the running process ends before power turn off.To doing this you can schedule shutdown process on particular time for example Like shutdown at you Sleeping time, Time to go home after office hours, etc. Every Operating has its on mechanism for task scheduling. through which you can define task for auto shutdown.Bellow is a step by step procedure on How to schedule shutdown process in Windows and Linux1. Schedule Shutdown in Linux2. Schedule Shutdown in Windows

Schedule Shutdown in Windows

For automatically Shutdown Windows  we have two method, one with "at" command and second with "Scheduled Tasks", but to start the shutdown process automatically in windows no inbuilt command or software available other then windows 2000 resources kit by default. So first we need to download "PsShutdown"  and copy it to in folder like "C:/Adminutils"PsShutdown is a command-line utility for shutting down or rebooting the local or a remote computer, PsShutdown can logoff the console user or lock the console PsShutdown requires no manual installation of client software.1. Shutdown Windows with Windows "at" commandNow open windows command terminal (Start > Run > cmd).In the terminal window use windows "at" command to schedule reboot:C:> at 12:00pm C:\Adminutils\PsShutdown.exe -r -f -c -t 10 Above command will reboot system at 12pm. If you want to shutdown system at 11:59 pm use following command C:> at 11:59am C:\Adminu…