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Vedic Soccer Matches - Fall 2007

[As of 14-Oct-2007]
Vedic and team had their third match yesterday and they all are doing good. They are learning fast and by now they all understand which goal post they need to shoot, which one is their team and which one is opponent team. Well they know offense and defense and they quickly go to save goal if opponents are close to their goal.

Vedic saved one goal that was almost in the goal but he blocked the ball from his feet right before the goal post. That was awesome.

Match 1: Yellow team vs Orange team:
Match start and here you go. Fist goal in just few seconds. Score: Yellow 1 and orange 0. Then the goal from Adam, Orange team was on top of the ball and near the yellow team goal post when Adam steal the ball turn himself and the ball toward the opposite side goal and then another turn and then driveling the ball real fast and then shot in the goal.

Vedic was at the right place at right time when he got the ball kicked by a team member and he was right before the goal and he did no mistake in giving that ball direction into the goal. He consistently trying to save the goal when opponent team go toward his goal.

Final score was Yellow 5 Orange 3. Vedic said that he liked the moment when he made the goal and everyone clapped for him and everyone shouted vedic-vedic in excitement.

Match 2: Yellow team vs Green team:
This Match was one sided with score as Yellow 13-Green 1. Adam made 8/9 goal while other team members shares rest of the goal. Vedic did one good goal where he steal the ball and drivel to the goal and shoot into the goal. Adam was all over from saving to shooting.

Match 3: Yellow team vs Green team:
Last match hero Adam was missing in this game. Orange team improved a lot after the first match and gave a good fight. Score after the half time was 2-2. They made 2 quick goals before the half time. After that Yellow made another 5 goals one of them by the Orange team itself when they could not able to stop the ball hit by Yashawa from very far.
Eric played very well in this game and he saved lots of goals. Vedic gave him good company in saving the goals and saved one goal that was almost in the goal but he blocked the ball from his feet right before the goal post. That was awesome and also the goal he made.

Today the biggest difference between the teams was the saving of the goals. Both played very good soccer but Yellow saved goals while Orange did not.

Match 4: Yellow team vs Orange team:
Yellow win this match by 6-2.

Match 5: Yellow team vs Red team:
Yellow win this match by 6-0. Vedic did 3 goals.

Match 7: Yellow team vs Red team:
Yellow lost this match by 2-7.

Match 8: Yellow team vs Orange team:
Yellow won this match by 4-2.

Match 9: Yellow team vs Green team:
Yellow won this match by 9-6. Yash did great in this match and scored 3 goals.

And that's how this session is now completed. Vedic learnt a lot during last 20 weeks. 8 weeks of summer classes and 12 weeks of fall session and matches. It was much much better then any body expectations. Great Job coach David, assistant coach and the whole team. Stay tune, next session will start next year in Jan 2008 while the games will start end of Feb 2008.


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