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Entry for December 25, 2005

Today I registered domain name for our company website. This would be first formal step towards opening a company.
Laksha means white rose. White rose for success and Pease.
We all have come across few thousands of mile to see our destiny and there are another few thousands miles yet to go. Laksha is another step in that direction.


Microsoft 2005

Yesterday I installed SQL Server 2005 on my machine and found its great. We can install both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 on the same machine and SQL Server 2005 can be used as a client to connect to SQL Server 2000 database. Also we can restore a SQL Server 2000 backup into the SQL Server 2005 database which is great for migration.
MS is now leveraging their products to use more .NET and SQL Server 2005. E.g. team foundation server (new source safe from MS) stores everything in SQL Server 2005. They are also building a new OS from scratch code name 'Singularity' (,1995,1882174,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K...) and they are writing it using C# and Sing# (a derivative of C#)

New Homes in NCR and Orlando

Hindi News Papers

Following is a list of available hindi news papers. Some of them might required their font installation.

Also if you have not tried ePaper from The Times Of India then you should try it. Its free and USR is

RSS Reader

These are the Web Service, XML and RSS days. RSS means 'Really Simple Syndication' and it provides a convenient way to syndicate information from various websites and other sources.
Most of the web sites are now providing RSS feeds that you can subscribe and read through a RSS reader. If you are using a RSS reader then you don't need to visit every website to see the updates on the website that matches your area of interest. RSS reader will keep checking all the web site you subscribed and display alerts whenever new information to read is available.
There are many RSS reader available for free and I have used few of them like SharpReader, FeedReader, AmphetaDesk, RSS Bandit etc.
I like RSSBandit ( most as compare to the other available RSS reader because of the following reason:
Its free, it’s very simple to use,

It provide facility to manage RSS feeds in various folders,

It gives a consolidated view of the various RRS feeds inside a folder,

It opens t…

Explore Indian Equity Market

Saving money is good and proper investment of the saved money is an art by which you can make your saved money to grow itself for you.
There are many ways to save and invest money. Like investing in National Saving Bonds, PF/PPF, 401 plans, Mutual Funds, LIC, Retirement Schemes, Properties (home, shop and pots), Stocks etc. National Saving bonds considered as safest investment while stocks are considered as most risky investment. Based on the risk involved you will get return. Stocks can gives you maximum return then any other investment but at the same time you can loss your saved money. You should invest in multiple things and there should a proper balance between them. Percentage of amount you put in multiple investment depends on your risk caring capacity.
Again the portion of the money you plan to invest in the stocks should be further divided into three categories. Long term, medium term and short term. You hold good fundamental stocks for long time regardless of their price move…

Contacts Management - A Step by Step guide (Coming Soon....)

Managing your contacts could be a very tough job. People uses address diary, digital diaries, mobile phones, outlook express address book, Microsoft outlook contacts, yahoo, hotmail, gmail address etc to manage their contact information.
People have to keep updating their contact information. Some time they update mobile address book, some time yahoo address book and some time digital diary or paper address diary. The toughest job is to maintain all your address books in sync.
This step-by-step article describes how to maintain all your contacts and contact storing application updated and in sync. This document is based on the practice I have followed in last couple of years.
Coming Soon.......

Enabling ASP.NET Debugging - A Step by Step guide

I originaly posted this article at GeoCities -

Table of ContentDocument ControlError! Bookmark not defined.Amendment History. Error! Bookmark not defined.1.Introduction. 42.User Guide on the enabling the ASP.NET debugging. 4Checking the configuration setting of the machine, users and the project4Debugging your application by Manually Attaching. 8Appendix - General information and solution for some common errors. 81. IntroductionDebugging is a very powerful option for the developers and it helps the developers in finding and analyzing the defects and other issues with the code.NOTE: Enabling debug mode will greatly affect the performance of your ASP.NET application. Remember to disable debug