08 October 2009

WorkPress has lots of features that you will not find in Blogger. To implement some of the great feature in WordPress you only need few clicks while in Blogger you have to depend on other people who have done research and made either nice skins for you or wrote some good articles with copy of HTML & CSS. Some great features that I like in WorkPress are

1. In WordPress you get templates that are much batter then Blogger. Templates consist of graphics and place holders for various widgets.

2. WordPress have many inbuilt widgets that Blogger does not have. One that I like most is a box with tabs that shows recent post, top post, recent comment.

3. WordPress gives you footer section by default while in Blogger you have to use other people code to add it.

4. WordPress have categories with sub categories. It also have Tags in built.

5. One other feature that I want to have sometime is that in the WordPress you can change post title as well as URL while in Blogger you can only change title but cannot change URL.



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