07 October 2009

My current project is to use Google Search Appliances (GSA) in the SharePoint 2007 to replace the SharePoint 2007 inbuilt search with the Google Search.

We recently bought Google Search Appliances (GSA) and updated our CMS backend system (Dotnetnuke) to use Google Search Engine via GSA. Now all our hospital internet websites and newly rebuilt Find a Doctor functionality uses GSA for searching content or finding doctors.

The very first thing that need to be done for using GAS in SharePoint 2007 is to install & configure the SharePoint connector for GSA. Richard already installed & configured this SharePoint connector and made my job simpler. This connector connect to our SharePoint servers and crawl the content for GSA.

Over next few weeks I will be writing code to build various Web Parts and user controls to implement Google Search and replace SharePoint inbuilt search. This will involve API calls to GSA, processing return XML/XSLT, building search scope in GSA, keyword mapping and lots of Web Parts. 

Please feel free to share any experience or question you may have and I will do my best to share my experience and knowledge with you.

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