08 October 2009

My website analytics shows that Google is the top referencing source while Bing is least. I run a search in Google & Bing for the same keyword and found in Google my blog appear number 5 while in Bing nowhere. 

This could be happening because I never submit my website to Bing search engine. I thought to share with how how to do this.

1. To submit your website open the Bing submit page at http://www.bing.com/docs/submit.aspx. Type in the characters from picture as shown below.

2. There are couple of options that you can use to enter the website URL

  • To submit your website: Type in the homepage URL of your website
  • To submit your sitemap of website: Type in the URL of the sitemap page of your website (htttp://www.example.com/sitemap.aspx)
  • To submit you blog: Type in your RSS feed URL. I have created my RSS feed URL using FeedBurner with full content in the RSS feed.

    Pease Note: If you plan to use RSS feed as your URL then make sure you have configured your RSS feed for full content and not for only summaries of your post.
  • To submit a page from other website where you have post an article – Copy the full URL of the page that you want to submit. (htttp://www.example.com/articles/1000/article3245.aspx)


3. Click submit button


4. Once you submit you website or blog this will go to Bing queue and after some time Bing will visit to crawl your website or blog.

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