06 August 2009

Windows 7Microsoft has released Windows 7 RTM today for the MSDN subscribers. Thought the day we experience slow & slower download speed. I never seen such situation before. Looks like Windows 7 going to be a big hit :).

 Update: 5:15PM: 
20kbps speed now, it will take another 24 hours to finish download. Wow!!


Update: 3:30PM: 
I am getting 50kbps speed now.


Update: 2:00PM:
MSDN site is crawling now, I am getting 100kbps speed now. I never experience this slow download from MSDN.


Update: 1:30PM:
Looks like everyone is downloading it as download speed is only 250kbps approx. it will take more then 2 hours to download 2.3 GB. Normally we get 500-800kbps speed.


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