15 May 2009

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

I upgraded my website to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 from Dotnetnuke 04.09.02. Most of the things I tested are working fine. During the upgrade I see few errors but that did not affected the website and are also listed as known issue with Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta (build 266) “Known Issues with Build 266”.

00:00:09.388 -   Executing Script: 05.01.00.SqlDataProvider Error! (see 05.01.00.log for more information)
00:00:25.627 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.02_Install:  Error!

Dotnetnuke 05.01.00 Beta – Upgrade Issues 1 - After upgrade to Dotnetnuke 05.01.00, contents on the Host->Module Definition page are disappeared.

Below is a screenshot of the Host->Module Definition page.


Interestingly I can modify the URL to http://www.lakshadev.net/tabid/7/ctl/Install/rtab/7/portalid/0/Default.aspx (from http://www.lakshadev.net/tabid/18/portalid/0/Default.aspx) to open the module install modules (install extensions).


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