31 January 2009

[PS: As part of consolidation, I am moving all my Dotnetnuke & SharePoint related blog post from http://www.laksha.net/Dotnetnuke.aspx to http://blog.laksha.net.]

The magic is if you rename any duplicate page/tab name in same portal same level and add this attribut urlFormat="HumanFriendly" in the following web.config entry then webiste URLs will be all automaticaly change to friendly URL. 


<friendlyUrl defaultProvider="DNNFriendlyUrl">  
<clear />
<add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.DNNFriendlyUrlProvider, DotNetNuke.HttpModules" includePageName="true" regexMatch="[^a-zA-Z0-9 _-]" urlFormat="HumanFriendly" />

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