04 October 2008

Windows to Linux - Frightened novice

Changing from Windows into Linux is nothing lesser than Conversion of religion. One has to afford to leave behind comfortable(?) life for unknown mysterious world.

But, the mere thought of having perfect control over about what i am doing on networking administration and the chances of becoming contributor to open source community from mere subscriber/donor to Bill Gate$ is worth to make dive into Linux.

Having exposed to networking administration near a decade, i yet feel Microsoft made me from novice into novice x 10 in the field of networking administration. I think, implementing Linux will invite lot of trouble... but, i believe it is essential for one to become an "Adult"...!!!

In my experience, i found few common windows networking tasks are much used in day-to-day life, and i invite you all to share tips & trade secrets to achieve equivalent tasks using Linux and other open-source.

Assume a heterogeneous domain consists of RedHat Linux server/desktop and Microsoft Windows computers:

1. Share a common folder on each user machine (\\PC1\Share_PC1, \\PC2\Share_PC2, ...).
2. Share a secure folder on each user machine with restricted access on group/used based.
3. Share printer
4. Alternate for Microsoft Visual Studio

To start with possible solutions, Mr.Virendra, C-DAC, Noida suggested following Linux/Open source may be deployed:

b. NFS
c. Samba
d. Eclipse IDE

But, as a hardcore Microsoft follower, i found it is unnerving...!!!!

I request, someone to post good tutorials, screen shots and other suggestions. Don't forget to share on-hand experience fun...!!

I'll add more articles in this front as a novice...


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