01 September 2008

Spyware is a software that performs certain behaviors such as collecting personal information from infected PC, advertising unwanted information, or changing the configuration of your computer. some time Spayware Software designed to monitor a computer activity and transmits that information over the internet.

Some spyware allows the unauthorized use of computer memory and cpu resources. This includes running programs while a PC is not busy. However, increased use of a computer memory, processor and harddisk increases the wear and tear on the components, and reduces its functional lifetime. In some cases resources are used for malicious purposes, such as mailing spam or viruses to everyone in your addressbook.

Spyware can change browser's homepage and other settings without the user's knowledge or permission. These changes can include turning off firewall and security protection so the spyware can communicate with external resources, making them potentially dangerous

Steps for Removing Spyware from our Computer

1. Boot computer in SAFE Mode. for this reboot pc and press F8 function key while system reboot and select safe mode from booting menu.

2. And Use Following Tool for removing Spyware this tools are free one of the best tool

Trend Micro™ CWShredder™ - Download this software and Save it to desktop and use this

Spybot - Search & Destroy - Download this software and install on infected pc and run for scan

Ad-Aware - Download this software and install on infected pc and run for scan

Trend Micro HijackThis - Download and install



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