02 September 2008

Turn your Old PC in Home Theater

Now a day music is a part of our life, and we are lisning music in every ware in Car, in Bus, in Train, in Airoplane, when we are walking, and in home also, but to listing good quality music in home we need good quality Music System and the cost is very high, so now we have solution we can trun our Old PC in to Home Theater in very less cost.


GeeXboX is a free embedded Linux distribution which aims at turning your computer into a so called Home Theater PC or Media Center. Being a standalone LiveCD-based distribution, it's a ready to boot operating system than works on any Pentium-class x86 computer or PowerPC Macintosh, implying no software requirement. You can even use it on a diskless computer, the whole system being loaded in RAM.

GeeXboX, with the OS supporting :
* MPEG 1/2 movies (MPG files, VCDs, DVDs ...)
* MPEG 4 movies (DivX, XviD, H.264 ...)
* RealMedia and Windows Media movies.
* OggMedia streams
* Matroska streams
* Audio streams like : MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, WAV (AudioCD), AC3, DTS, MusePack (MPC), FLAC ...
* Network streams : WebRadio and WebTV through SHOUTcast.
* Watching analog TV and digital DVB
* Playing analog Radio streams.
* Playing files from your local network (LAN) through remote NFS, Samba (i.e. Windows) or UPnP shares.

Download GeeXboX

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