23 September 2008

How many browser option we have these days? Many and all of the are quality browser. I use IE7 and Firefox mostly. I like one or the other for different things and I can see the trend in my browsing practice that I am inclining more toward the Firefox. I mean using more Firefox in my daily internet browsing. But certainly IE (which includes IE6 & IE7) still holds the major market share. I can see that in our websites statistics.

The next generation browsers available are IE 8, Firefox 3.1, Google Chrome and Safari. All are trying hard to become the best.

Current Status of the next generation browsers release:

IE 8 – BETA 2 released on August 27, 2008

Firefox 3.1 – ALFA 2 Released on September 5, 2008. Read the Firefox 3.1 feature list (Draft)..

Chrome – BETA released on September 2, 2008

Safari  - Safari 3.1.2 Released

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