15 September 2008

Yesterday we bought a Casio's CTK-720 61-Key Portable Keyboard. This keyboard has been discontinued and available at discounted price at Target.

Me and Vedic are planning to learn it using lessons available at You Tube. I will post link of the lessons that I found helpful.

Casio's CTK-720 61-Key Portable Keyboard was designed for beginners and intermediate musicians. It features include 61 full-size keys, 32-note polyphony (the number of notes that can be played simultaneously), 242 tones, 100 rhythms, 100 songs, LCD display, dual speakers, transpose and tuning function, general MIDI (GM makes it possible to communicate with other MIDI devices regardless of the brand.), USB port, microphone input and volume for singing along. The CTK-720 keyboard also includes the Casio 3-Step Lesson System.

More details on this keyboard is available at Casio website http://www.casio.com/products/Musical_Instruments/Portable/CTK-720/ and at Amazon website http://www.amazon.com/Casio-CTK-720-61-Key-Standard-Size-Keyboard/dp/B000V0CU6G

Complete list of Casio Portable Keyboards.



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