15 August 2008

Happy Independence Day (India)! In last 61 years we have made progress in may areas, like infrastructure, production, technology, standard of living for a common Indian. I love the new roads, I love the Metro Rails, I love the flyovers, I love the talent India has and her ability to provide superior doctors and engineers to all over the world.

I know we still have problems & issues. We still have to improve in many areas. We still have to provide 24 hours of electricity to all and hopefully nuclear deal may improve this situation. We still have to provide light, electricity, telephone & other technologies to all the villages, we still have to improve our self in games so that we can win another Olympic gold medal before next 28 years and I will able to participate in morning talks between my China & USA friends about who is winning in total number of gold & overall medals count.

Yes corruptions and terrorism is too high... I guess no one has idea on what to do to control this.

I wish in next 39 years we will able to overcome all these problems and issues and will have an ideal world :). I know I know, not gonna happen.

We wish everyone a very happy Independence day and I strongly believe that together we can change the world. Here are few photos of kids celebrating the Indian Independence day, they have made Indian flag.

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  2. Happy Independence Day!!

    I hope we win the Gold for Boxing. Go Akhilesh Go!!

  3. Good Go..
    Let dreams comes true.


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