14 August 2008

Dotnetnuke has postponed the release of 5.0 and now releasing 4.9.0 (yet to release, currently in RC1). One important fix is part of this release is a fix in file based caching provider.

Major Highlights
  • Fixed issues with the URL Rewriter. There were several issues which could result in unreachable pages using friendly URLs. We have added in validation logic to prevent pages from being created which would violate folder naming standards or which would result in two pages receiving the same Human Friendly URL.
  • Fixed longstanding issue in the file based caching provider. There was invalid logic in the caching provider which prevented it from working correctly. The provider has been re-written to resolve the problem and provide a stable platform for web-farm scenarios.
  • Fixed several dictionary errors. These errors mostly occurred under heavy load or were otherwise intermittent. Dictionary usage was evaluated throughout DNN and updated to utilize thread-safe approaches for updating and caching the dictionary.
  • Security issues. Will post security bulletins discussing security fixes when DNN 4.9.0 is officially released.
Following are the related bug that they fixed.

DNN-8117: Bug Performance Disk Based Module Output Caching - Content Missing
DNN-7979: Bug Performance File Based Caching Provider



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