21 July 2008

We have weekly devotion in our office. Today's devotion started with a question "What's So Important?".
What's so important to you Today? What's so important to you at this time? Many of us answered Kids, Family or work related stuff.

Next he show us some of the famous people around the world and whats so important for them. Their business, their people, their family, their friends.

Most of the peoples do great in one or two things in there life but they forget about other things. Some people do well in their business or at work or at politics but what about the family, friends or their own life?

There are many small things in life that we ignore like our own growth from childhood to adult. We just want to grow so fast. Do we care anymore about "Sound of Rain"? Sound of slap on ground? Sound of bird? Probably not anymore.

We need to slow down and think about our family, our friends, ourselves. The devotion was so impactful that I prepare a list of task that I want to do every week with myself and family. You need to do the same and everyone need to do the same....


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  1. You should share your list of things you do with your family. I'm interested in learning more.


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