31 July 2008

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My husband was battling cancer and underwent his first round of chemotherapy. It was an aggressive form of cancer, resistant to chemo, and there was no guarantee of success. We had a 2 year old kid, and we just got news that we were expecting another baby.

Very touchy...

John’s Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. You can specify which pictures to choose from:
  • Individual pictures on your computer.
  • Folders containing pictures on your computer such as ‘My Pictures’.
  • Flickr photo sharing - selecting pictures by person, tags, sets or just plain random. You never know what you’re going to get next!
  • Phanfare web albums - keep up to date with your friends and family.
  • smugmug photo galleries - yours, your friends, anybody’s!
  • Picasa Web Albums - choose from specific albums or any search text.
  • Facebook - your friends photos on your desktop!
  • Yahoo! image search - the internet is your oyster!
Direct link: http://www.johnsadventures.com/software/backgroundswitcher

29 July 2008

TeamCompanion for Microsoft Outlook is an Add-In from Ekobit for the Microsoft Office Outlook. It integrate e-mail and Microsoft Outlook with the Team Foundation Server. The TeamCompanion improves your project communication and removes friction from it.

With the TeamCompanion you can access project related information using Microsoft Outlook without having to switch between applications. It enables accessing some of most important artifacts in your Team System environment, such as team projects, work items, etc., without the need to use the Visual Studio Team Explorer or Team System Web Access.

More on their website at http://www.ekobit.com/ProductsDetailView.aspx?id=1

Cost so much though...
TeamCompanion for Microsoft Outlook single user license $139
TeamCompanion for Microsoft Outlook 5 user license $659
TeamCompanion for Microsoft Outlook 10 user license $1249
Telerik announces the Q2 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Forms, WPF, and Silverlight, and its .NET Reporting solution. More at Telerik Announces Landmark Q2 2008 Release
Microsoft is offering free media streaming for up to 10 GB video. You can create your free account at http://silverlight.live.com/.

Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live offers a free streaming and application hosting solution for delivering high-quality, cross-platform, cross-browser, media-enabled rich interactive applications (RIAs). With the ability to author content in Microsoft Expression Encoder and other third-party editing environments, Web designers maintain complete control of the user experience.

They are currently running a new Exclusive trial: Make money with Ads! This pilot program will allow a control group of Silverlight Streaming account holders to take Silverlight videos and automatically insert contextual advertisements into the end-user video playback experience.

Additional Resources

About Silverlight Streaming: To learn more about the benefits of Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™, visit the Silverlight Streaming page on microsoft.com/silverlight.

For Developers and Designers: To learn more about how to program Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ please review the SDK and service blog on dev.live.com/silverlight.

Learn about Microsoft Silverlight: Explore the possibilities of Microsoft® Silverlight™, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web, visit microsoft.com/silverlight.

Also you can create your website for free at Microsoft Office Live

28 July 2008

Just found about this free conference website. They allow you to choose from FREE basic service or Premium toll-free 800 service with FREE unlimited recording
SharePlus™ desktop sharing available with FreeConference Select and Premium 800 service Account history, plus post conference summary reports for every call.

I did not found any difference between the conference call service we use from Bell South and conference call service this company.

Please check their FAQ page for more information.

27 July 2008

Knol - http://knol.google.com/
A knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.
Here are some examples of knols. Google Knol is designed to allow anyone to create a page on any topic, which others can comment on, rate, and contribute to if the primary author allows.

As said, the service gets its name from the word "knowledge." A "knol" is a new term that Google has coined to stand for a unit of knowledge, and they're also using that word as the name for pages within the service and the service itself.

Knol pages will be hosted by Google. Authors will have the option to enable Google ads and share in revenue. The pages will be made available to be found through a Knol-specific search as well as through Google itself or via other search engines, as they won't be blocked from spiders. It's likely the service will be found at knol.google.com or some similar standalone address, if it indeed finally launches. As said, a launch might not happen at all -- there's certainly no set date.

They have done about 6 months of Beta testing before release it to public. The other available knowledge websites are Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, Mahalo, and Squidoo.

Some contents were copied from http://searchengineland.com/071213-213400.php & http://searchengineland.com/080723-133642.php with there permission.
Microsoft just released there version of Q & A website. So thought to compile a list of other available Q & A websites.

Microsoft Q & A - http://qna.live.com/
Punchline - Show the world what you know — and find out what you don't. Get answers to your most burning questions... share info on your area of expertise...earn fame and glory — all compliments of the QnA community.

Yahoo Answers - http://answers.yahoo.com/
Punchline - Share knowledge, Help others, Earn points.
Check this post Yahoo's Big Win at Tech Crunch. This post was written back in Nov 2006.
Yahoo! Answers Web Services - http://developer.yahoo.com/answers/
Answers Web Services APIs - Search for expert advice on any topic, from within your very own site.

Wiki Answers - http://wiki.answers.com/
Punchline - WikiAnswersTM harnesses people's collective knowledge to give you useful answers about anything... with a wiki-twist.

Answers.com - http://www.answers.com/
Answers.com offers free access to millions of topics from the world's leading publishers. Wiki Answers is part of Answers.com.
Google Answers - http://answers.google.com/answers/
Google Answers has been retired, and is no longer accepting new questions. You can still search or browse the existing Google Answers index.

http://uclue.com/ - http://uclue.com/
Punchline - Uclue a paid answers service. It is a professional, fast, and inexpensive research service. You post a question, and set the fee that you are willing to pay for an answer and then Uclue researchers will look it over, and one of them will likely 'lock' it, and get to work on an answer. The minimum price is $10; the maximum is $400. You can break up larger assignments into a number of smaller sub tasks.

Linkedin Answers - http://www.linkedin.com/answers
Punchline - Get answer from your connection and experts in your network.

Firefox Addon for Answer.com - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/735
Punchline - 1-Click Answers TM will save you even more time with AnswerTips that instantly deliver the information you are looking for. Just point at any word, hold the Alt key (Ctrl in Linux) and click. Upon letting go, an AnswerTip in the form of a pop-up...

Answers In Action - http://www.answers.org/
Punchline - Answers In Action is a dynamic non-profit religious organization training Christians to adopt and promote a Christian world view in every area of their lives. It has the same name as Answer.com (Diff is .org).

AnswersMagazine.com - http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/
Punchline - This companion site is a great complement to quarterly issues of Answers magazine, offering web-only exclusives, downloads for kids and subscribers, and the full online version of the magazine to subscribers. Take a look at some of the sneak peek articles and the special “in-depth” articles below.

26 July 2008

Microsoft recently released a ".NET StockTrader Sample Application" which could be of your interested. Atleast the code and to see how is their approach.


Overview from Microsoft website:
This application is an end-to-end sample application for .NET Enterprise Application Server technologies. It is a service-oriented application based on Windows Communication Foundation (.NET 3.0) and ASP.NET, and illustrates many of the .NET enterprise development technologies for building highly scalable, rich "enterprise-connected" applications. It is designed as a benchmark kit to illustrate alternative technologies within .NET and their relative performance.

The application offers full interoperability with J2EE and IBM WebSphere's Trade 6.1 sample application. As such, the application offers an excellent opportunity for developers to learn about .NET and building interoperable, service-oriented applications.

The new download includes the automated setup for the .NET StockTrader 2.0 and the Configuration Service 2.0, with associated technical documents that explain how to run and reconfigure the .NET StockTrader service-oriented application. Additional documentation in the download provides the steps necessary to implement the Configuration Service 2.0 in your own applications and services for central configuration management; distributed caching; load-balancing and failover across clustered service nodes. The new sample includes:

· .NET StockTrader 2.0 composite Web application and middle tier services.
· New modes for Advanced Web Service (WS-*) message-level security and interoperability with a variety of non-Microsoft platforms via the SOA architecture.
· Configuration Service 2.0 with technical guides and samples.
· Capacity planning tool for running multi-agent benchmarks against the .NET StockTrader services.
· WSTest 1.5 Web services benchmark.

24 July 2008

Here is a comprehensive list of open source software...

23 July 2008

Des Cummings is the Executive Vice President of Florida Hospital and Chairman of the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce. Hear Des talk about building a business on a foundation of love, ethics and spirituality. His profile is at Growing Bolder website.

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21 July 2008

1. One board game every week.
2. One Lego blocks building activity
3. Hide and seek - may be twice a week
4. Helping Vedic learn organizing and decorating his room - Once a week
5. Discussing on one topic using http://www.howstuffworks.com/ or MS Student or Google search.
6. Everyday book reading
7. One physical activity game like Tennis, Soccer, Cricket or Bicycle
8. One kid or family movie
9. One family (bolliwood) movie
10. Shopping Mall
We have weekly devotion in our office. Today's devotion started with a question "What's So Important?".
What's so important to you Today? What's so important to you at this time? Many of us answered Kids, Family or work related stuff.

Next he show us some of the famous people around the world and whats so important for them. Their business, their people, their family, their friends.

Most of the peoples do great in one or two things in there life but they forget about other things. Some people do well in their business or at work or at politics but what about the family, friends or their own life?

There are many small things in life that we ignore like our own growth from childhood to adult. We just want to grow so fast. Do we care anymore about "Sound of Rain"? Sound of slap on ground? Sound of bird? Probably not anymore.

We need to slow down and think about our family, our friends, ourselves. The devotion was so impactful that I prepare a list of task that I want to do every week with myself and family. You need to do the same and everyone need to do the same....
We recently bought the 3 months subscription of the www.ventrian.com website for $25. We used their blog (News Article) module at our physician portal and will probably use on internet template too. We found it very useful and better then Dotnetnuke default Blog module. One feature that we were looking for was capability of positing on the same blog by multiple users so that marketing director or seceretory can post on behalf of the CEO.

Their module and skin download page is as bellow:


They also have a URL re-write project that we considering for our template along with other vendors.


We had our office pot-luck on last Friday where we were discussing about Wall-E movies and one of my colleague talk about his idea of Friday night movie. On every Friday they either go to a movie theater or rent a movie and watch together as family. I really liked the idea of setting up a fixed time for which everyone in family wait and plan. We will do the same in our house too.  You can
try Blockbuster Free for Two Weeks, then plans as low as $3.99 per month 

Blockbuster Total Access - FREE Trial

20 July 2008

Vedic started learning tennis while soccer is on hold due to Summer. It was funny to see him hitting the ball like he do in Cricket :)

Slid show - Day 1:

Slid show - Day 5:
Vedic attended the Science Center summer camp "Science Mania" during 14-17 July 2008. He enjoyed the time and learn about geology, whether, animals and sea.

Click at Orlando Science Center Classes & Camps for complete details on upcoming classes & camps.

01 July 2008