06 March 2008

We are currently working on the CTMC (Central Texas Medical Center) website - www.ctmc.org. The publishers are working on contents and the site will go live on 17-March-2008.

The efforts was continuation to the CMS (content management system) system we built last year and it took us more then 6 months to enhance the same with new modules and online payment facility. Users will able to pay for foundation online and also able to register and pay for classes.

We have used Dotnetnuke (more at www.dotnetnuke.com) and customized it as per our our needs. We not only created new modules but changed the core library to customize it. Dotnetnuke is an open source CMS system build using .NET.

List of AHS facility websites that we worked on during 2008:
  1. Adventist Health System
  2. Adventist Midwest, La Grange
  3. Adventist Midwest, Bolingbrook

Facility Web Site Address
1 CTMC www.ctmc.org
2 HMMC www.huguley.org
3 Metroplex/Rollins Brook www.mplex.org
4 Adventist Midwest, Main www.keepingyouwell.com
5 Adventist Midwest, Bolingbrook www.keepingyouwell.com/Bolingbrook
6 Adventist Midwest, GlenOaks www.keepingyouwell.com/GlenOaks
7 Adventist Midwest, Hinsdale www.keepingyouwell.com/Hinsdale
8 Adventist Midwest, Lagrange www.keepingyouwell.com/Lagrange
9 Emory www.emoryadventist.org
10 Gordon www.gordonhospital.com
11 Park Ridge www.parkridgehospital.org
12 Takoma www.takoma.org
13 FHHD www.fhhd.org
14 FHZ www.fhzeph.org
15 FH DeLand www.fhdeland.org
16 Fish www.fhfishmemorial.org
17 Jellico www.jellicohospital.com
18 Manchester www.manchestermemorial.org
19 FHMD/FHMS www.fhmd.com
20 FHW www.fhwat.org
21 SMMC www.shawneemission.org
22 FH Flagler www.floridahospitalflagler.com
23 AHS Corporate www.adventisthealthsystem.com



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