08 March 2008

Now sure how many people aware of Google Sightseeing website. I found it interesting e.g. this page give information on black Taj Mahal at http://googlesightseeing.com/2006/07/04/taj-mahal. At Google site seeing website you can find some other Indian places to read about.

Another interesting website is 360 panorama of Taj Mahal available at http://geoimages.berkeley.edu/worldwidepanorama/wwp304/html/KeithWilson.html. This website has panorama for many other places.

And to cover the topic here is the link to know all about Taj Mahal at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_Mahal and at History Channel at http://www.history.com/minisite.do?content_type=Minisite_Generic&content_type_id=54822&display_order=5&mini_id=54814.

Another good website about the Black Taj is http://www.blacktaj.org/


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  1. Another interesting link is the book Black Taj Mahal a sufi love story by Razwan Ul Haq on www.ulhaq.com and a different site is the One about black Taj Mahal marble I think it's a back link.


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