11 June 2006

Tech Ed has started now. I attended pre-confrence seminar on web services which was excellant and I wish I could attended other seminars as well. After CDAC I never thought that I need any traning becuase in CDAC they teach us how to learn new tech our self. But Aaron covered this wide topic so well and I wish I can attend few more training like this so that I can learn things in one days which I normaly learn in few months. Good job aaron. You can brows his blog at http://pluralsight.com/aaron and download todays presentation and demo code.

Key note was facinating and for me it was one of the biggest event I ever attended. Being a MSDN subscriber and having IE homepage set to MSDN I knew about most of the anouncement they made but it was interesting to see a integrated big picture of all the new products and understand the Microsoft vision behind them.

I have some photoes and vedio which I will upload later this week and keep posted my experiance, learning and links.



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